Fresh Guacamole

I used to hate Mexican food.  Even on a mission trip in Mexico, where the food was authentic, I still chose to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over empanadas.  However, I have had the privilege of eating at the most wonderful Mexican restaurant in the world–Rosie’s–and now I LOVE Mexican food!  Rosie’s makes the best salsa, queso dip, fresh hot tortilla chips, chicken tortilla soup, enchiladas, tacos, Mexican lasagna, and chicken fajita salad.  I’m sure every menu item is good, actually.  A new Mexican restaurant opened recently called Cantina Laredo. Brent and I went tonight just see how it compares to Rosie’s.  Maybe it wasn’t a good night for CL, but Rosie’s wins by far.  CL is known for making fresh guacamole at your table.  We’ve never had guacamole, so we thought having it made fresh at our table would be a tasty first time to try it. It wasn’t until after we asked our waiter Salvador to make us some that we realized it was $9!  I guess we were paying for him to make it right before our very eyes. Well, it was a wasted $9.  Not only did we discover that we don’t care for guacamole, we never had a chance to eat it. As Salvador was making it, the main dish was brought to our table (less than 10 minutes after we ordered it). After Brent and I finished our food, we still hadn’t touched the guacamole. Even though we were stuffed, we still had to eat it since we were paying nearly $10 for it.  We were out of chips.  We had to ask Salvador 2 times to bring more chips…and he never did.  Finally, some random lady brought some. By this time, we were ready to leave the restaurant, but the bowl of fresh green stuff reminded us that we couldn’t yet.  We ate a few bites, then decided that next time we would save the money for a yummy dessert rather than fresh guacamole. But, I’m not sure there will be a next time.  The food was good, don’t get me wrong, and Salvador was a very nice waiter.  But the food was a bit more expensive at CL and, in our opinion, Rosie’s tastes much better.  

Would You Rather…? for beginners

We haven’t kept up with the would you rather’s much the last few days.  So, here are a couple of easy ones that will get you back in the swing of things (or maybe we have new readers and this is your first Would You Rather)

Would you rather…
be suave and sophisticated with nice hair
rotund and misshapen with rickets?
Would you rather…
have $200 

Fun in the Car!

Brittany and I like to play a game while we drive called the “Mustang Game”  My family plays all the time and they taught it to us.  It is very similar to the “Punch Bug” game, (where you see a VW Beetle and call out “Punch Bug (color)!” and hit the person next to you) except in the Mustang Game you don’t hit anybody.  So, if you see a Mustang, you have to be the first to yell out “Mustang (color)!” and you get a point.  If  you are the first one to call a yellow Mustang, then you get a point, and everyone loses all of their Mustangs.   The person with the most points by the end of the trip (destination reached and car is turned off) wins.  This game is a lot of fun, but it has also started many arguments between the two of us.  Actually, some of our worst arguments since we have been married have been initiated by the Mustang Game.  I guess that’s a good thing, because we haven’t argued over anything important yet.   Anyway, if you want to have something to do in the car, I suggest you play the Mustang Game.  Leave us a comment and let us know how it goes.  

Would you rather live in a world…
where the convention of singing “Happy Birthday” was replaced with “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” by Bachman Turner Overdrive
where Congressional debate was settle with dodgeball contests?

Bad Idea

Sanibel got spayed today and she, of course, is not acting like herself. It’s strange. She is normally an extremely hyperactive dog, demanding attention from the minute I walk in the door to the minute she goes to bed. Then, it starts all over again the next morning. She never stops…always going, moving, jumping, running, licking, smelling, chewing, etc. When I brought her home today, she immediately (but very slowly) made her way towards the back door to go potty, forgetting about a few pieces of furniture that she ran right into. Thankfully she has no short term memory, so it didn’t bother her one bit. She willingly went in her crate and has been there ever since.  She never does this. Usually it’s like pulling teeth to get her in the crate. Well, maybe not that bad but she usually puts up a small fight when it’s time to go “night night.”  She got up to come see Brent when he got home. She tried with all her might to wag her little tail and show some excitement.  I guess it was too much for her.  On her way back to her crate, she threw up all the corn she ate last night.  Lovely 🙂 I guess letting her eat human food the night before surgery was a bad idea.  

Would you rather…
have Spanish subtitles appear as you speak?
have a photographic memory where all the people involved are replaced with the cast of Night Court?

Just gnawin’ on some corn

Our rat terrier, Sanibel, is very sneaky. When she wants something, she will find a way to get it. Tonight as we were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, Sanibel decided she would like to try an ear of corn. So, she propped herself up on the trash can, stuck her long tongue down in it, and pulled out a piece of corn on the cob (minus the corn). Brent immediately went after her and she ran to the back of the house. We let her gnaw on it for a little while. It was a perfect photo opportunity. She gnawed on it for about 5 minutes and when she started eating the cob, we had to take it away.

Would you rather eat…
the contents of a full vacuum cleaner bag
forty-five dollars in nickels?