bored with no pictures

We had plans to clean out the garage today, but it was cold and wet outside.  So, we took a trip to Hartselle to go antique shopping.  We’ve never been before and I’ve heard it has great antique shops and boutiques.  I think we walked through every store that was open.  Many of them smelled like an old person’s house (Granny Rosie, Mom and Pop, Grandma and PaPaw, your houses don’t smell like an old person’s house) .  I just don’t see how people collect so much junk.  I love antiques, but some of that stuff belongs in a thrift store or flea market. Anyway, all we came home with was some peanut butter chocolate fudge.  We didn’t want to buy any, but we walked into a small fudge shoppe and we were the only ones there.  Brent wouldn’t let us walk out without buying anything.  We drove home through Decatur and ate dinner at Five Guys, then through Athens.  We looked at some land a builder is clearing for some homes…just dreaming. We would like to build our next home.  We finally got home around 5:30.  So, what to do now??? We are bored.  Brent is playing the Wii.  I decided to post some pictures…except the file names are “unknown” or something like that.  I went to the “Help” section and found that the pictures can’t be any bigger than 50k.  The pictures I am trying to post are 1.something MB.  I’m not sure which is bigger a k or an MB.  I’m thinking MB, since my MB’s are too big for the blog.  Whatever.  Brent is in a mood and when I asked him about it, all he said was “I don’t know.”  That means he doesn’t feel like dealing with it right now.  Hopefully, we’ll have the picture thing figured out soon and we can post some.  

2 thoughts on “bored with no pictures

  • Brit, if you want to resize your pics, 1 at a time or 1000 to a smaller size for use on the blog and don’t already have a way to do it… here’s an idea. Search for and download a shareware program called Irfanview – among other things its a free picture editor. It will let you resize pretty easily and fairly fast – call me after you get it and I’ll give you the cheatsheet on how to do it with no prob….~daddio~

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