Would You Rather…?

In 2002, Brent and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together.  Big deal.  But, he gave me a white gold chain that I still wear to this day, complete with a monogrammed pendant.  The piece of jewelry is very special to me.  If the house was on fire, it would probably be one of the items I would grab before I got out.  Another item I would want to grab (only because it provides so many opportunities to laugh) is a little book called “Would You Rather?”  This was another gift Brent gave me that same Valentine’s Day.  It is packed full with “absolutely absurd dilemmas to ponder”.  One of my favorite things to do is laugh till my stomach hurts, till I’m no longer breathing, till my nose flares.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  And that is what happens when you read these dilemmas. Unfortunately, my mother likes the book as well and now has my copy.  Who knows where it is…she probably doesn’t.  But, last night Brent and I went to Barnes and Noble to grab a cup of coffee, dessert, and browse the store…one of our favorite things to do.  While we were sitting down, I looked up to see a stand of “gift books” and guess what book was on the stand?  “Would You Rather 2”!!!  We read through that book for close to an hour, laughing till our stomachs hurt, till we weren’t breathing, till my nose flared (Brent’s nose doesn’t flare) trying not to let the coffee spew out of our mouth, or even nose.  Then, we bought it.  $10 well spent.  So…we are going to have a daily “Would You Rather”  question on our blog (if we remember). Please make any comments you want.  I hope you laugh as much, if not more, as we do. Laughter really is the best medicine.  

Would you rather…
have permanent Cheetoh residue on your fingertips
have skin that doesn’t tan in the sun, but rather plaids?

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