Chicken & Egg Festival Redux

The Chicken & Egg festival wasn’t as big of a let down as my wife would have you believe.  While we were there, I realized that I don’t have an essential part of the male wardrobe… leather chaps. I know what you’re thinking, “Brent, you aren’t a cowboy and you don’t own a motorcycle.”  Those are two very valid points, but I have a one word answer for you… versatility.  I could wear chaps to work, while cutting the grass, and maybe to lounge around the house in.  Maybe I could take up welding as a hobby, because I think welders might wear chaps.  Is there another piece of of clothing that has so many options, I think not.  And by the way… 

Would you rather be:
Rash Man (annoys foes with minor skin irritations)
The Tenderizer (softens foes with rapid strikes of a mallet)

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