Bad Idea

Sanibel got spayed today and she, of course, is not acting like herself. It’s strange. She is normally an extremely hyperactive dog, demanding attention from the minute I walk in the door to the minute she goes to bed. Then, it starts all over again the next morning. She never stops…always going, moving, jumping, running, licking, smelling, chewing, etc. When I brought her home today, she immediately (but very slowly) made her way towards the back door to go potty, forgetting about a few pieces of furniture that she ran right into. Thankfully she has no short term memory, so it didn’t bother her one bit. She willingly went in her crate and has been there ever since.  She never does this. Usually it’s like pulling teeth to get her in the crate. Well, maybe not that bad but she usually puts up a small fight when it’s time to go “night night.”  She got up to come see Brent when he got home. She tried with all her might to wag her little tail and show some excitement.  I guess it was too much for her.  On her way back to her crate, she threw up all the corn she ate last night.  Lovely 🙂 I guess letting her eat human food the night before surgery was a bad idea.  

Would you rather…
have Spanish subtitles appear as you speak?
have a photographic memory where all the people involved are replaced with the cast of Night Court?

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