Mario Kart mission

I had an agenda today…deposit a check at Wachovia, get stamps, buy new tennis shoes at DSW (because the new ones disappeared, literally, and the Sanibel buried the old ones in the backyard), buy new Kavu purse at Mountain High Outfitters, and finally to Sam’s to get breakfast for Sunday school tomorrow.  So, off I went about noon today to run my errands.  I made it to Wachovia and deposited the check.  I also made it to Sam’s to buy breakfast.  But, in between the bank and Sam’s I decided to shop for some clothes.  The check I had just deposited was for my birthday so I figured I should take myself shopping.  I went to TJMaxx and Belk and found nothing for myself.  But, I did buy Brent 2 pairs of shorts at Belk.  Then, I made my way to Sam’s to get breakfast for Sunday school.  First of all, Sam’s on a Saturday is probably the dumbest mistake anyone could ever make.  Second of all, I blame Sam’s for what happened the rest of the afternoon.  After I got food, I walked by the video game section just to check if they had Mario Kart in stock.   They didn’t.  So, I went on a mission to find one.  Brent was gone all day to a sound conference in Nashville and I thought it would be a nice surprise for him to come home to Mario Kart.  He is a wonderful husband and deserves a surprise.  The ENTIRE city of Huntsville does not have Mario Kart in stock.  I checked Sam’s, Target, Wal Mart, Sears, and 3 Game Stops.  Oh, and I asked the sales associate at KB Toys and she said “We don’t have Mario Kart, but we do have M&M racing.  Is that the same thing?” And after all that hunting, I came home at 4 with no shoes, no purse, no game, no stamps, no clothes for me, and no surprise for Brent. 

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