A $10 something

Brent frequently reads The Consumerist.  One day he came across a website called the Something Store.  You pay $10 and you get something in the mail. You have no clue what it will be, but it is guaranteed to be something of worth to someone. And, they promise it won’t be anything inappropriate. You can view past “somethings” to get an idea of what you will receive (gift cards, electric razors, jewelry, video games, etc.) Just a completely random something.  We paid $10 and while we were on our trip, our something came in the mail.  We received an Eggling.  It is a ceramic egg with soil and a certain seed inside that will grow when you water it. We got lavender, which I thought was very appropriate for our anniversary since our guests threw lavender as we were leaving the reception.  I can see how this website can be addicting for those, like me, who like surprises.  I think we will have to do it again to see if Brent gets something he likes. We also thought about doing this for Christmas gifts. Ordering x amount of somethings and not opening them when they arrive.  Just wrap them and stick a family member’s name on it. That way, Christmas will be a surprise for everyone!

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