Our busy weekend started on Thursday. We drove to the Trussville for a visitation of the father of one of our good friends who passed away Tuesday night. Afterwards, we met Teresa (my mother-in-law) at my parent’s house in Vestavia to pick up Ryan (my brother-in-law) and brought him back home with us. On Friday, Ryan and I took PB&J sandwiches to Brent at work and ate lunch with him. Friday night we went to downtown Huntsville to watch “Stand By Me” at Big Spring Park. I ran into a girl I used to teach with and we talked for a while about my job situation, or the lack thereof. Turns out she was meeting a friend of mine from high school that just moved to Huntsville. Random! I talked to her a few minutes then I went back to our spot on the grass to watch the movie. The movie was very anti-climatic with horrible language. It was about a group of boys that go on a search to find the body of their dead friend. I don’t recommend it. Especially to the younger audience because of the choice words. On Saturday, we went to Airshow 2008 at Huntsville International Airport. I have a fascination with planes and enjoyed every minute of it. My dad has a good friend that flies with Aeroshell, an acrobatic team, and my brother is good friends with his son. We coincidentally sat right behind his parked plane, No. 2. My parents and brother, showed up about 12:30, just in time to see the show and talk to Mark before his team did their performance. About 10 minutes after they got there, my mom wanted something to drink. My dad and mom left to get water and go to the restroom….about 45 minutes later, they showed back up. I just thought the line at the concession stand was long. Turns out, my mom got stuck in the porta potty and while she was in there she became very nauseous due to heat and lack of air flow (and probably that wonderful smell of a porta potty). She had to go to what she calls the “Fat Lady Tent,” otherwise known as the medical tent. Apparently she was the smallest one in there by approximately 150 pounds. My mom didn’t really cool off because these women were standing directly in front of all the fans, not sharing any of the cool air. There was a lady whose heart rate and blood pressure were sky high and they called an ambulance for her and she refused to go. Not good. Mom and dad finally made it back in time to see Aeroshell do their show, followed by the Blue Angels. At 4:30, after 7 hours of sitting in the burning rays of the sun, the show was over and we proceeded to walk the 1/2 mile back to our car. Little did we know that our sunburns and long walk back to the car were the least of our worries. It took us 2 hours to get out of the parking field. There was one entrance for what seemed like the entire city of Huntsville to leave the airport. No one knew what to do, where to go, and what line to get in. As my mom described it, we were like a bunch of cattle roaming in a field. There were lines forming everywhere, most of which did not actually lead to the exit. We ended up in 3 different lines. In the second line, we literally sat still for an hour. To make matters more annoying, the car was almost out of gas, so we sat in that line with the windows rolled down and car turned off. I had my legs hanging out the window and Ben, my brother, had his 18 feet legs stretched out through the middle of the car on the console. My mom was complaining about how dirty her feet were (as if no one else in the car had dirty feet) and kept screaming “MMMOtown” out the window because we were playing the location game and she remembered the first time she played and yelled “Motown” instead of “Detroit”, Ryan kept getting out of the car to see if anything had moved-trying to convince us to squeeze through the line and go through the ditch to get to another line, Ben and I were just causing trouble and taking a few pics along the way, and Brent was just laughing at the situation and begging Ben to move his stinky, Chaco-tanned feet. My dad was all by himself in the van and got out a lot sooner than we did…but had no where to go because he didn’t have a key to our house. We finally got out by taking a side road on the golf course. Apparantly the hairy dude hanging out the Bronco knew what he was talking about when he yelled out the sunroof, “Hey everybody, drive to the golf course.” We met my dad at Five Guys for dinner. It was the first meal Ben had since he drank chocolate milk for breakfast. All the while, mom still complaining about her dirty feet. She washed them at our house before they headed back to the Ham. Sunday was a little more relaxing…church, pot roast for lunch, nap, WALL-E at Monaco, cornhole, and ice cream for dinner. Teresa is coming tonight to pick up Ryan and things will get back to normal, maybe.

If you are looking for a beach chair…

…don’t go to WalMart.  Brent and I are going to the beach in July with my family and I wanted to get a beach chair so I can start working on my tan.  I figured WalMart would have one, right? They have everything.  Wrong.  We searched all over WalMart and couldn’t find one.  Brent was getting annoyed and told me to just ask someone.  We happened to be in the camping department, so I asked the closest employee.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: Can you tell me where the beach chairs are?
The Guy: At the beach.
[Long awkward pause.  I thought he was joking and kinda laughed. He was very serious.]
The Guy: Do you know where you are?  We are not at the beach.  We are in the camping section. We don’t have beach chairs. Are you looking for a lawn chair?
Me:  No, I’m looking for a beach chair.
The Guy:  What’s the difference?
Me: I want to be able to lie flat on a chair.
The Guy: You may want to check in the Lawn and Garden center.
Me: Ok, thanks!
Do you really think I don’t know where I am?  I realize that I am in North Alabama, but it’s not far from the beach and there are many people that vacation at the beach during the summer. WalMart has beach towels, sand toys, floats, sunscreen…all essentials for a beach trip, so I think it’s pretty reasonable to look for a beach chair. I guess I will just get one at Al’s 5 and Dime when I get down there.  In the meantime, I will lay on the concrete patio on top of a towel.  Hmm, sounds very comfortable and relaxing. 

How long is a Chinese name

One weekend during my sophomore year of college, Katie (Brent’s sister) came to visit.  After church on Sunday, Brent, Katie, and I went to eat at a restaurant in downtown Auburn called Cheng Du.  Some friends of ours told us it was a good place to get Chinese.  We felt slightly different.  Actually, we hated it.  The phrase “Cheng Don’t” become common between the 3 of us. Today after church, I called my dad to see where we should go eat for lunch to celebrate him for Father’s Day.  We were not able to go to the Ham this weekend, so the best I could do was go eat where he wanted me to.  He suggested a Chinese restaurant.  His stomach can’t handle the foreign food and he thought we should eat Chinese in honor of him since we can never eat it with him. So we found a Chinese restaurant.  I’m going to call it Cheng Don’t II.  It was worse than the original Cheng Don’t in Auburn. Everytime we have driven by the restaurant, it has been crowded–which is typically a good sign.  Not here. I think it was crowded because these people didn’t know any better. Obviously they have never tasted the fine Chinese food served at Golden City or Formosa’s in Birmingham or China Palace in Auburn.  At Cheng Don’t II, the buffet is about 2 yards long, with very limited choices, unidentified fried food, and fried potatoes doused in hot sauce.  Brent didn’t even finish his 1st plate!  He ate 3 bites of rice, some spicy fried potatoes, and 3 fortune cookies.  He didn’t touch the sesame chicken that was on his plate. I didn’t think it was all that wonderful either, but I did eat a little more(aka, I had some chicken and rice) because I knew that meal was all I was getting for lunch. And, another thing that turned me off from this restaurant was a lady sitting near me that was a very messy eater.  She was eating kabobs (Brent won’t eat them because he says they look like rats on a stick) and the sauce was dripping all over her shirt and she didn’t seem to mind one bit.  She ate one kabob and went on to the next one. No napkins. Gross. I think we are going to find another Chinese restaurant for next time.  Happy father’s day Dad. Hope your lunch was better than ours. 

Please pardon our mess…

I’m trying to update the look of our blog to make it more cute and personalized.  Please be patient.  If you come to the blog and it is not readable or looks disorganized, you may think it’s because I don’t know what I am doing–and you are right.  But, please come back later when I am done! 

Another update on interviews…

So I had a total of 3 interviews last week. School A (the one I worked at) was supposed to let me know something (yes or no) by last Friday. Well, here it is, almost a week later, and I know nothing.  School B is supposed to let me know something by today at 5pm.  That’s in 10 minutes, so I guess I can scratch that one off the list as well.  School C closes their positions on Monday. Hopefully, I will receive a call from them next week. On the upside, it looks like I won’t be going to AMSTI training for the next 2 weeks, which means I can help with Lindsay Lane’s VBS. I have been on all kinds of job websites, trying to find something. I have applied/sent my resume to anything that sounds interesting–receptionist, administrative assistant, preschool director, preschool teacher, leasing consultant, new home consultant, etc. In the meantime, I pray that I will get a job at School C.  The position sounds exciting and I feel the interview went really well. I’m not worried about it, I don’t want people to think that.  I’m not much of a “worryer” when it comes to the big stuff, like jobs. God promises to provide for me and there is no doubt in my mind that God will live up to His promise and probably do more than I expect. He always has. Job hunting can be so frustrating and exhausting. It doesn’t make sense to me that I taught 5th grade at School A and School A has 5th grade positions open and I can’t get a job there, especially when so many people (including administration) have told me and others what a great job I have done. I don’t understand why I am not a good candidate for the job.  But, it’s simply not a matter of understanding, it’s simply a matter of knowing that God is sovereign. He doesn’t want me there, He has something better planned, and that is that. 

More interviews

I have two more interviews this week. Both are for a 5th grade position, I think. Hopefully these interviews will be productive! The schools are about 30-40 minutes from my house. But, if I enjoy the job, then I don’t mind the drive. I’ll keep you posted.

It was brought to my attention at Bunko tonight that we haven’t posted a “Would you rather?” in a while…
Would you rather live in a world without

Another ridiculous interview…

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, my principal interviewed me and said I might know something by the last day of school.  I knew that wouldn’t happen, especially since one of my asst. principals asked for an interview on the last day of school.  I woke up this morning at 5am in Bham to drive home for an interview at 9 am.  I should have slept in.  I thought the interview was with one of my asst. principals.  Instead, it was with all 3 administrators…which is not a problem because I know all of them and have worked for them since January.  However, my principal asked me the same questions she asked me in the first interview before school was out.  She took notes the first time and the second time and I’m sure if she reviews her notes, she will have the same answers from me both times.  I got the typical question, “So, tell me about yourself and your teaching experience.”  My first thought was, “What a dumb question.  Half of my teaching experience out of college has been with you at this school.”  I explained Auburn, changing my major to education, getting married, moving to Fort Myers, getting out of contract with a 4th grade job, moving to Huntsville, teaching 5th grade at Harvest, then at the current school. One of my asst. principals acted like she knew nothing about the job I had at Harvest, even though she is the one that interviewed me for my current position when I left Harvest.  I was asked about the new reading series and if I had a chance to go to the training. Of course I went to the training…my principal told me to go! Then, I was told about AMSTI training this summer as if I knew nothing about it.  I told them that I already registered for it in February and was planning on going “just in case.”   And the interview ended with a horrible question–“Do you have any other interviews?”  Well, no, actually I don’t.  Not because I haven’t tried but because this is the only interview I have been offered.  And honestly, I thought it was pretty safe to put most of my eggs in this basket.  I knew the whole time I worked there that there would be a 5th grade opening. I explained that I have applied to every position that is within reasonable driving distance from my house, I have called principals, and I have hand delivered resumes.  And, I got nothing but an impersonal, redundant interview at a school that I have already worked at.  I was very offended because I felt like I was a new face, like they had never met me, even though I worked for them for 5 months and they have observed me teach. When I left, I was told I would know something by the end of the week…either I got a job, or the position had been filled. Until then, I will continue the exhausting job hunt and learn to deal with the situation…the same one I was in this time last year.  And to make matters worse, I got a call this afternoon from private daycare asking me if I was still interested in a preschool teaching position…this is the same daycare that I interviewed with for the curriculum coordinator job and was told I was not qualified because I had an elementary degree, not an early ed degree…the same daycare that started this entire blog.  Recall “World’s most ridiculous interview”?  I have to keep laughing at my life because it makes no sense right now. Maybe I’ll have some good news on Friday.