Another ridiculous interview…

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, my principal interviewed me and said I might know something by the last day of school.  I knew that wouldn’t happen, especially since one of my asst. principals asked for an interview on the last day of school.  I woke up this morning at 5am in Bham to drive home for an interview at 9 am.  I should have slept in.  I thought the interview was with one of my asst. principals.  Instead, it was with all 3 administrators…which is not a problem because I know all of them and have worked for them since January.  However, my principal asked me the same questions she asked me in the first interview before school was out.  She took notes the first time and the second time and I’m sure if she reviews her notes, she will have the same answers from me both times.  I got the typical question, “So, tell me about yourself and your teaching experience.”  My first thought was, “What a dumb question.  Half of my teaching experience out of college has been with you at this school.”  I explained Auburn, changing my major to education, getting married, moving to Fort Myers, getting out of contract with a 4th grade job, moving to Huntsville, teaching 5th grade at Harvest, then at the current school. One of my asst. principals acted like she knew nothing about the job I had at Harvest, even though she is the one that interviewed me for my current position when I left Harvest.  I was asked about the new reading series and if I had a chance to go to the training. Of course I went to the training…my principal told me to go! Then, I was told about AMSTI training this summer as if I knew nothing about it.  I told them that I already registered for it in February and was planning on going “just in case.”   And the interview ended with a horrible question–“Do you have any other interviews?”  Well, no, actually I don’t.  Not because I haven’t tried but because this is the only interview I have been offered.  And honestly, I thought it was pretty safe to put most of my eggs in this basket.  I knew the whole time I worked there that there would be a 5th grade opening. I explained that I have applied to every position that is within reasonable driving distance from my house, I have called principals, and I have hand delivered resumes.  And, I got nothing but an impersonal, redundant interview at a school that I have already worked at.  I was very offended because I felt like I was a new face, like they had never met me, even though I worked for them for 5 months and they have observed me teach. When I left, I was told I would know something by the end of the week…either I got a job, or the position had been filled. Until then, I will continue the exhausting job hunt and learn to deal with the situation…the same one I was in this time last year.  And to make matters worse, I got a call this afternoon from private daycare asking me if I was still interested in a preschool teaching position…this is the same daycare that I interviewed with for the curriculum coordinator job and was told I was not qualified because I had an elementary degree, not an early ed degree…the same daycare that started this entire blog.  Recall “World’s most ridiculous interview”?  I have to keep laughing at my life because it makes no sense right now. Maybe I’ll have some good news on Friday.   

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