How long is a Chinese name

One weekend during my sophomore year of college, Katie (Brent’s sister) came to visit.  After church on Sunday, Brent, Katie, and I went to eat at a restaurant in downtown Auburn called Cheng Du.  Some friends of ours told us it was a good place to get Chinese.  We felt slightly different.  Actually, we hated it.  The phrase “Cheng Don’t” become common between the 3 of us. Today after church, I called my dad to see where we should go eat for lunch to celebrate him for Father’s Day.  We were not able to go to the Ham this weekend, so the best I could do was go eat where he wanted me to.  He suggested a Chinese restaurant.  His stomach can’t handle the foreign food and he thought we should eat Chinese in honor of him since we can never eat it with him. So we found a Chinese restaurant.  I’m going to call it Cheng Don’t II.  It was worse than the original Cheng Don’t in Auburn. Everytime we have driven by the restaurant, it has been crowded–which is typically a good sign.  Not here. I think it was crowded because these people didn’t know any better. Obviously they have never tasted the fine Chinese food served at Golden City or Formosa’s in Birmingham or China Palace in Auburn.  At Cheng Don’t II, the buffet is about 2 yards long, with very limited choices, unidentified fried food, and fried potatoes doused in hot sauce.  Brent didn’t even finish his 1st plate!  He ate 3 bites of rice, some spicy fried potatoes, and 3 fortune cookies.  He didn’t touch the sesame chicken that was on his plate. I didn’t think it was all that wonderful either, but I did eat a little more(aka, I had some chicken and rice) because I knew that meal was all I was getting for lunch. And, another thing that turned me off from this restaurant was a lady sitting near me that was a very messy eater.  She was eating kabobs (Brent won’t eat them because he says they look like rats on a stick) and the sauce was dripping all over her shirt and she didn’t seem to mind one bit.  She ate one kabob and went on to the next one. No napkins. Gross. I think we are going to find another Chinese restaurant for next time.  Happy father’s day Dad. Hope your lunch was better than ours. 

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