I have a pink what?

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that I had a teeny tiny bump on my eye, on the edge of the colored part…whatever that’s called. The iris? It’s not noticable unless you are as close to my eye as the mirror is when I put in my contacts and if the light is shining on it just right. I was afraid it was an infection so I switched contacts, got a new case, and made an eye appointment. I went today and was told it was a very common, harmless condition called “Pink Wicula.” At least that’s what I thought she said. Some people have it removed, but surgery doesn’t guarantee that the Pink Wicula won’t come back. The doctor said that it is caused by exposure to the sun and many people that live near the Equator have the condition. She said to make sure I keep sunglasses on when I am outside…which I already do. But, I don’t think my sunglasses actually prevent any UVA or UVB rays. They came from Ann Taylor Loft, so I’m sure they are just for fashion and not for safety. I wanted to double check what I was told to make sure the bump was nothing to worry about. So, I began searching for Pink Wicula and quickly found out that I was not spelling it right. Obviously “pink” is spelled correctly, so I tried different variations of the word “wicula.” My search was finding no results other than pink eye so I finally found an alphabetized database of all eye conditions/diseases. I went to the “P” section and guess what I found? An eye condition called Pinguecula. It has nothing to do with being pink. And wicula is just a word my ill-informed mind made up. And, like the doctor said, it is nothing to worry about. I will just always have a teeny tiny pink wicula on my eye.

Would you rather (are you excited? it’s been SO long!)…
have the power to switch your emotions on and off
be able to fully comprehend written material just by sniffing the words?

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