I heart Huntsville

Ok, it’s very difficult for me to say this because I am in love with Birmingham and I hope to move back there some day. It’s home, it’s familiar, it’s comfortable. But, for now, I must reside in Huntsville. It’s a great city, has a lot to offer and it is slowly becoming home, now that we have lived here for a year. But, I still say “home” when referring to Birmingham. I don’t know if that will ever change. I told Brent the other day that the one reason (other than family) that I want to move back to the Ham is Philly (Philadelphia Baptist). It is the church Brent and I grew up in and the people there have become our family and we love and miss their fellowship deeply. However, the one reason that keeps me up here is our church in Athens (Lindsay Lane Baptist). If Brent told me we had the chance to move to Birmingham, Lindsay Lane would play a huge factor in our decision. I honestly feel like LLBC and the Christian Academy (to open August ’09)is one of the reasons, if not the only reason, the Lord picked us up and moved us from Fort Myers so quickly. I think the church is why we are here. And, if it weren’t for the conversation in the car pool line at Harvest Elementary with Elayne, we probably would have never visited the church because we had never heard about it. I am very grateful for that conversation. All this to say…there are a few less important factors that would be considered in our decision to move, if given the opportunity. I just want you to know that I loathe pizza, mexican food, and ice cream. I know, I must not be American. I hate pizza sauce, I hate greasy refried beans and rice, and I don’t like anything colder than a glass of ice tea because I can’t taste it. However, I have found 3 restaurants in Huntsville that have caused me to reconsider. Marco’s Pizza has an amazing Hawaiian Chicken Pizza; Rosie’s Cantina has delicious, fresh, never greasy Mexican food; and Maggie Moo’s has the freshest ice cream I’ve ever put in my mouth. Apparently, they have award winning Dark Chocolate ice cream and if you know me well, you know that I love dark chocolate. Now, don’t be confused. I still hate pizza, mexican, and ice cream. If you took me to Pizza Hut, Dominoe’s, Cold Stone, Marble Slab, Baskin Robbins, or any Mexican restaurant I would be unhappy with you. I would probably be very irritable and just not eat like my dad does when we go out for Chinese. But if you must take me out for any of these types of foods, let it be Marco’s, Rosie’s or Maggie Moo’s and you will be my best friend. And, if you come to visit me I will probably introduce you to one of these fabulous establishments.

2 thoughts on “I heart Huntsville

  • I heart Huntsville too and I know that we will enjoy it even more with a great church family at LLBC. We really enjoyed meeting you two this morning in our Sunday School class! We hope to get to know you guys even more over the next several weeks and months! Josh’s parents live in Alabaster and we’ve thought of living elsewhere lately but God know that plans that He has for us and He has us all just where He wants us. Being here and and being happy where we are planted is right! Have a great week! —-Josh and Kristin Sims

  • I must say, I am in shock and speechless about you having found a pizza, Mexican place, and ice cream place that you like. I really just don’t know what to say to this other than, next time I’m in Huntsville, let’s go!

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