Sorry Ben

Referring to my post on July 21 called “100% Redneck,” I have been so kindly informed by my dad and brother that I have insulted the redneck community. I made a few mistakes. First, it’s not “redneckness” it’s actually “redneckage.” Also, I failed to mention another way to earn redneck points–over-exaggerating every number. Example: “I ate a bajillion pieces of pizza” when you really only ate like 4. I also must say that I lost 4 + 1 points due to my mistakes. I’m probably somewhere around 14% plus 1% now. But, if I go to the tractor pull tonight maybe I will win some back because that is SO redneck 🙂 My sincere appologies to Ben and TH. Hey…don’t you think I should get points for even blogging about this?

My redneck family. Brent didn’t get any points for this one because he isn’t making a redneck face. Back row: Dad, Mom, Brent, Me, TH, Ben. Front Row: Quinton, Granny Rosie

TH ramping the Polar Bear.

Quinton ramping the Polar Bear.

Dad ramping the Polar Bear.

Ben rampin the Polar Bear.

Ben showing the redneck underbite.

Ben’s grafitti on my facebook wall of him ramping a bajillion waves on the Polar Bear.

2 thoughts on “Sorry Ben

  • I negotiated with Ben on your behalf….He agrees to forgive the 4+1 point deduction over the Redneckage mistake, since you wrote about Reneckage and especially since you gave consideration to the holy grail of Reneckage – The Tractor Pull! And he has chosen to also forgive your mistake calling it the Redneck Community – its actually “Redneck Nation.” ~dad~

  • There is much more to explore of the redneckability of the family. Several Olympic type events have been introduced over the years. Redneck tubing, redneck knee board are a few that come to mind. These need to be defined in this blog with illustrative pictures so all who read can participate if they dare. There are also events and sporting activities that “normal” people participate but to be a true redneck depends on where the event takes place and how extreme you take it. For instance, many people canoe down rivers. This is not enough you must canoe down the Little Cahaba River in Bibb County. This is the ultimate redneck canoe adventure. Your canoe must be beat up and ragged to the point that it only resembles a canoe and barely floats. You must also throw beer cans from your canoe at regular intervals. If you do not partake of this type beverage it does not relieve you of the responsibility. If this is the case you must pick beer cans up from the side of the road wearing your swim trunks and flip flop. There are many more topics of redneckage to explore and must be done soon so more people can enjoy our lifestyle.Uncle LaDaryl

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