For you Mom

This blog is for my mom, and all others, who have been disappointed by my lack of blog updates. I recently started my new job and it has sucked all the energy out of me. How’s the job? It’s great. I spent last week getting to know the kids/parents who will move up to kindergarten. I will have some extremely smart children! I am working on my room this week, getting ready for open house on Friday afternoon.

It’s 8:15 and I just put dinner in the oven. Why so late? Because I came home today with a migraine. I haven’t felt this bad since 7th grade. I was at show choir practice and got my first migraine. I asked if I could call my dad to pick me up early but my teacher didn’t see the need for it, so she just let me sit out. Trust me, there was a need for it! As soon as practice was over, I climbed into my dad’s truck and, SPLASH, all over the dashboard, I threw up. I didn’t do that today; however, I did have a scare on the way home. I got home and went immediately to bed and woke up 2 hours later to the sound of the lawn mower. I completely missed out on Bunko tonight. I meant to sleep for 30 minutes, hoping that I would wake up feeling better and ready for some super fun Bunko! Well, I woke up at 7:30 and the group was well into the game by then. Thanks for checking on me Kristin!

We went to Six Flags this past Saturday with Brent’s family. Let me just say that I HEART the Goliath and Superman! If you only knew how far I have come with roller coasters. When I was in 3rd grade, I hyperventilated on the Mine Train and freaked out my mom. Thankfully, in 8th grade, my Uncle Daryl made me ride Space Mountain at Disney World three times and I’ve enjoyed coasters ever since. However, until Saturday, I would still freak out. I would honestly have to remind myself to breath on the way up the hill. My mind built up so much false anticipation about the ride that I would have a false freak out over nothing. The Goliath was the first coaster we went on Saturday and I definitely started to feel a little unsettled while we were waiting in line for 2 hours. My stomach was in knots, I could feel my throat closing up and my heart was just a poundin’. I had to remind myself to breath in the line, before we even got on the ride! I got on and, after 10 years, got over my freak out stage of roller coasters. I actually opened my eyes and lifted my hands in the air like I just don’t care and ENJOYED the whole ride! Wow! I’m glad we did that one first because it made me fearless the rest of the day. We rode all the coasters except the Ninja, Cyclone, and Scream Machine. I hate the Ninja and have only heard bad things about the Cyclone, but I do like the Scream Machine. We waited in what we thought was a short line for about 2 hours to ride the ole thing. Our line was short…but the stupid Flash Pass guests were taking up all the seats and making the wait twice what it would have been. Finally, it was our turn. The people in front of us took off and our coaster finished unloading the previous passengers. Then we hear, “We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but the Scream Machine has been closed temporarily due to inclement weather.” What? There were blue skies ahead! About 30 minutes later, a thunderstorm came through. Thankfully, we were under the awning at the ride and didn’t get wet. We never rode the Scream Machine, but we did get in a VERY short line for Superman and Goliath once they re-opened the rides. And to make it ever better, we rode them at night. We left when the park closed, met Allison at Ihop for dinner (which is another story in itself…apparently Ihop trains their staff on the night shift), and finally made it back to the Ham at 1 am!

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