Merch: Short for Merchandise

One of our good friends, Gus, came in town this weekend to go with us to the Jeremy Camp concert Saturday night. We didn’t actually stay for Jeremy Camp. There were 2 openers, a sword swallowing guy from Hartselle (which apparently is like the sword-swallowing capital of the world) and Rick Burgess spoke. By the time Rick was done it was 9:00 and Gus had to get back to the Ham and we still wanted Maggie Moo’s. So, we left. But…while we were there, a few really annoying things happened.
1. Instead of the word “merchandise,” the speakers and bands used “merch.” I guess that’s the cool new slang word. I thought it was rather obnoxious.
2. While Rick was speaking, the custodians came by to empty the trash cans behind us, which made LOTS of noise then they left the stinky bags on the sidewalk. Thanks, that smelled great!
3. We were asked probably 5 times if we were ready to see Jeremy Camp play. The answer was yes everytime. 3 hours later he finally got on stage and we were no longer ready to see Jeremy Camp play.
4. Our cup holders were on the back of the seats in front of us. The lady sitting in front of Brent was putting her arm around her daughter and stuck her hand right in Brent’s drink. Mmm!
5. The same daughter kept turning around and staring us down like our presence really bothered her. Sorry!
6. I saved the best for last…Gus went to get a pretzel. The 8 year old that was running the concessions (I guess that’s what you get a free concert) asked Gus if he wanted salt on his pretzel. Gus said yes and the boy proceeded to dunk the pretzel in the salt, twist it around a few times, then wrapped it up in paper and gave it to him. Gus probably has enough salt in his body to last about 3 weeks. Thankfully, the lady in front of us didn’t stick her hand in his drink, and he was able to wash down the salt.

Despite all the annoying events, Rick’s message was awesome and a lot of people accepted Christ. So, I guess all the things that annoyed me are irrelevant.

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