I have a secret…

I grew up an Alabama fan. Auburn was yucky to me until my senior year of high school. I didn’t care for the colors or the team and never ever thought of going there until Brent did. I always thought I would go to Alabama or Montevallo. However, I didn’t want to be apart from Brent. Sounds silly, but we knew we wanted to get married so we didn’t see any reason going to different universities. My first 2 years at Auburn, I went to the football games but didn’t care for the cheers, the face paint, the fight song, the shakers, the shirts, the student section, the tailgating, etc. And I’m not lying when I say that I cried at the Iron Bowl my freshman year. You can ask Brent, Joe and Jennifer. They were all cheering at the first touchdown of the game and I stood there tearing up. The three of them turned and said to me in disbelief, “Are you crying?!” Yep. I was. I didn’t like the feeling of every single person surrounding me being excited that Alabama was losing. I took it as a personal offense to my family and what they had raised me to be…an Alabama fan. Until my senior year at Auburn, the Iron Bowl was always a wait and see game. I didn’t know who I was pulling for until I watched the game. The first 3 years, I naturally got excited when Alabama scored. I assumed that was proof that deep down I was still an Alabama fan. My senior year that changed. I pulled hard for Auburn and wanted to see Alabama lose. A lot of people see the rivalries solely based on colors, teams and coaches. I am different. I love Auburn because it is my “old stomping ground.” So many memories were made there. The closest friendships I have were started there. I have a degree from Auburn that I am proud of and I am even more proud to say that I am an Auburn alum. I don’t ever care to go back to school, but if I had the chance to get my master’s at Auburn, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. I just love Auburn that much. I feel that Auburn successfully and expertly prepared me for my field and I know my professors were commited and dedicated to their cause. Auburn is a small town and everyone loved and cared for the university. I loved the feeling on a Sunday afternoon after a big game, getting Toomer’s lemonade and walking around with toilet paper streaming from the trees. It was just a great experience, an Auburn experience. No one understands unless they have been a part of it. That is why I am an Auburn fan. Not because of the colors, the team, the coach, the eagle (even though that is a cool tradition). But because of what Auburn did for me. Having said all that and feeling very emotional right now…because I miss it so much…I have a secret to tell. I truly liked the fact that Alabama played well on Saturday against Georgia. I couldn’t help but smile when they scored. I know that I have really upset some of you but I don’t appologize. It is possible to like both sides of the biggest rival known to man in the South. I am living proof. Alabama is what I was raised to be and I have deep roots with that team because it connects me to my childhood and my family. I also have deep roots with Auburn, just in a different aspect. I don’t think that it is 50/50. I do like Auburn slightly more than Alabama, just because I have more memories there and pride in the school and the traditions. And I can’t say who I will pull for during the Iron Bowl this year. You’ll just have to wait and see. The picture is at the Iron Bowl 2005, my junior year. I am wearing an Alabama long sleeved t-shirt under an Auburn t-shirt, Auburn sweatshirt around my waist, Auburn necklace, Alabama pin, Alabama socks, Auburn face paint, Alabama face paint, Auburn shaker and Alabama shaker. Call me crazy if you want. I got some pretty funny looks. My house isn’t divided, my heart is. 

Brent, me, Allison
The only ones nice enough and brave enough to walk around with me looking like a confused idiot. 
This is me trying to make half of my face smile and the other half frown. 

Why can’t we be friends?

Ok I have 3 or 4 things to blog about, so I will space them throughout the week. The first is Sanibel’s play date on Saturday at the Sims’ during the Auburn game. 
Sanibel has never been around a dog bigger than herself, other than the ones in the neighborhood. She has never been scared of other dogs, so when Josh and Kristin invited Sanibel over to play with their lab Samford, we didn’t think it would be a big deal. Let me tell you…IT WAS. Sanibel absolutely flipped out. She wouldn’t even eat the treat that Kristin tried to give her. When we got to their house, Samford was outside. He was jumping up and down because he was so excited to have a friend and Sanibel didn’t like that at all. I have so many scratches on my arms and even on my sides where she scratched through my shirt. We let Samford inside just to see what would happen and it was quite a scene. At one point, Samford was chasing Sanibel around the couch and all 4 of us were chasing Samford. It was hilarious. I finally got Sanibel in my arms and had to hold her above my head because Samford was jumping all over her. Poor Samford, he just wanted to be friends. Later in the game, Samford was outside playing with Kristin and I took Sanibel out there…in my arms of course. Samford didn’t bother her because he was preoccupied with toys so I put Sanibel on the ground. I wanted her to get over her fears. Samford started chasing her around in circles and she was terrified. But she couldn’t stop because Samford would trample over her, so she just kept running. She can run fast for a very long time. Unfortunately, Sanibel never got completely comfortable around Samford. Despite her exhaustion, she refused to slow down or sit down. She wouldn’t even stop for a water break. Here are some pictures. Sorry they are a little fuzzy, I didn’t have much time to worry if it was focused or not. 

Thanks for letting us play! And thanks for the new toys! Sanibel loves her racquetballs. After the game, we took Sanibel home and then went out to the Arsenal with Josh and Kristin to go bowling then finished up the night with dinner at Sonic. It was a great weekend! Allison, you’ll be happy to know that I went to the Arsenal on purpose this time…it wasn’t a mistake due to being lost and, of course, I thought of you and our adventure to Huntsville long ago 🙂

For Hillary :)

I was kindly reminded by Hillary, a friend from church, that I have not posted in several days. I do appologize. When Hillary gets bored at work, she reads blogs and I have not had a new post all week. I am sorry that I have contributed to your boredom at work. I will try my best to not let this happen again. The reason I haven’t blogged this week is not because I don’t have anything to say.  I actually have a lot to say, but it all has to do with things that have happened at work. And after Jack from WAY FM commented on a post of mine, I am so afraid to say too much because I have no idea who might read it! I guess it’s a good thing because it keeps me on my toes. I thought about making my blog a private blog where you have to be invited to read it. I didn’t do this for two reasons: 1) It might give me an excuse to say something I shouldn’t 2) I would hate to keep someone from reading my blog just because they aren’t invited. If you want to know about the things that I can’t blog about…ask me in person or on the phone about a toothbrush and black pants and I will be happy to tell you. 

Last night I was sitting in front of my computer trying to think of something to blog about and the only thing I could think of was Black Friday and how much I love it! But, I will save that for November when the traditional shopping excursion is a little closer. 
I am starting a high school girls’ bible study on Monday at my house, so all of you can be praying about that. I hope I have a good turn out! 
Sanibel has her first play date this weekend (other than her normal play dates with Uncle Sparky, Aunt Macy, and Great Aunt Millie at least once a month). We are going over to the Sims to watch the Auburn game and they invited Sanibel over to play with their lab, Samford. I am taking my camera so hopefully I will have some pictures posted soon.  I hope you all have a great weekend! War Eagle! (and Roll Tide…for my family 🙂

Always looking for a good laugh…

…even if it’s at my expense. I love love love to laugh. No, I didn’t studder. Laughing is my hobby. You get me together with Brent, my family, or Allison (college roommate) and the laughs are inevitable. I truly believe that the best medicine is laughter. After all, Proverbs 17:22 says that a joyful heart is like good medicine. My favorite kind of laughter is laughing so hard that you make no sound, your stomach hurts, and tears streaming down your face. Does life get any better than that? Fortunately, I was able to provide some great laughter at lunch today. Brent and I went to Applebee’s after church with some friends, The Langford’s and the Hardiman’s. The waitress brought all of our drinks out and successfully placed them on the table. She brought a bowl of lemons and wasn’t so successful when she set them on the table. She barely tipped my drink with the lemons and my entire Diet Coke was in my lap in an instant. It was like a car wreck, you see it coming in slow motion and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. The drink was so cold that I was gasping for air and I honestly did not know how to handle the situation with the waitress standing in front of me. Of course we all immediately laughed, but I made sure to let the waitress know that I was okay and told her to not let this ruin her day. She didn’t think it was too funny and I think she tried really hard not to cry. I can’t blame her though, if that had been me, I would have cried and left work. I felt so bad for her. Thankfully, Jessalee had some burp cloths of Miller’s that she let me clean up with and sit on. I didn’t think that at age 23 I would have a need for burp cloths, but maybe I should start bringing my own diaper bag. I was soaked from the waist down to my knees. I felt like I had been on Thunder River at Six Flags and had to walk around the rest of the day with wet clothes on. The manager came by to appologize and offered to pay for dry cleaning, but I declined. She asked me how much of the drink spilled on me. Umm…the whole thing! I mean, there wasn’t really way to stop the Diet Coke from rushing off the table into my lap. I just sat there and let it happen, all the while we were cracking up. And to make things worse for this poor girl, she didn’t get my order right. I will admit that I lied when she asked me if everything was ok. It wasn’t but I didn’t want to make her day even worse. Brent and I did get free drinks. But I honestly expected a free entree or something. I sat there for probably an hour with sticky Diet Coke soaking my clothes and keeping me quite cool and uncomfortable. When we were done, everyone kind of huddled around me so I could get out of the restaurant without embarrassment. I did have a little trouble getting out of the car, I was stuck to the seat. Even my feet were sticky. It was absolutely wonderful to get home and change clothes. Lunch was definitely memorable today.

Oh yeah, and when we pulled into our neighborhood, our neighbors were having a Nascar Yard Sale. They had it all, posters, rugs, blankets, toy replica cars, autographed items, yard decorations, stickers…they supplied your every Nascar need. Unfortunately, I was too wet to get out of the car and check out their sale. I’m sure they had some killer deals on Nascar rugs.

That thing got my blood a boilin’

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for the 2009 Honda Pilot with the bison. I crack up everytime I hear the guy in the front seat say, “That thing got my blood a boilin’ .” Tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings some people got my blood a boilin’ and it was no laughing matter.  Brent is a HUGE Florida State fan and, of course, we are both Auburn fans.  We went to BWW for dinner so we could watch both games at the same time. The restaurant was packed but the patio had 2 TV’s with sound and no one was out there. Perfect. We sat right in front of the TV’s, had one on the FSU game and one on the AU game. Two couples and another guy sat on the patio as well and none of them had an issue with our choice of TV channels. However, two girls who had been inside at the bar came out on the patio to smoke (even though the patio is a “no smoke area”). They sat down and immediately asked a waitress to change the FSU game to the AU game…they wanted both TV’s on the AU game.  I looked at the waitress and said, “We are watching the FSU game.” The girls heard me say that and, as they walked behind us said, “Uh, but you have Auburn on.” Brent and I had Auburn t-shirts on. I ignored them but was thinking, “Well, girls, it is possible to be fans of 2 teams and it just so happens that we were out here first. Why don’t you go back inside to your table and watch the other 20 TV’s that are showing the AU game?” They were still standing behind us, complaining about how ridiculous it was that we were watching both games. I literally bit my tongue so something extremely rude and sarcastic didn’t slip. As they went on and on about how stupid we were, two guys from the inside came outside to take a smoke break. They asked another waitress to change the FSU game to the AU game. The waitress asked everyone on the patio if anyone was watching the FSU game. I spoke up and said, “We are watching both games.” The guys started complaining and the girls just laughed and snickered some more. I said, “When we leave, you can change the channel.” What I really wanted to say was, “Go inside, back to your table and SHUT UP. We were here first and we are going to watch both games.” Because I spoke up, I felt this enormous pressure to watch the FSU game. I made sure to keep my eyes glued to that TV and didn’t even watch the first half of the AU game. 


Remember my very first post, the story that got this blog started?  I interviewed for a position as a curriculum coordinator at a daycare and was basically told I was not qualified because I have an elementary education degree (K-6) instead of an early childhood degree (Pre-K-3rd).  Well…funny story. The same daycare has now called me 3 times in the past 2 months asking if I was still interested.  Umm…nope!

My most embarrassing moment…

I am such an emotional wuss. I’m not the kind of girl that will cry over sweet sappy songs, books or movies.  The only movie I have ever cried while watching was “The Notebook”. But, I do cry at funerals, weddings, and any time I have to speak in front of people about something special to me. You are probably thinking, well of course, everyone girl cries in those situations. You are right, but the most embarrassing time in my entire life was due to tears. I cried at my Bridesmaid’s Luncheon when I gave them their gifts. I cried on mission trips when I shared what was on my heart or what happened that day. I cry when I read blogs about babies who are terminally ill. I cry over pizza delivery/carry out, pancakes and yardwork (the 3 major arguments Brent and I have had since we got married). I cried almost the entire way through our wedding rehearsal. On our wedding day, I was nervous. Not because I was getting married, I was scared that I was going to cry. Why you ask?  Because when I cry, it’s not just a few tear drops, it’s the whole water works. It’s an ugly, uncontrollable, and hyperventilating cry. There is no in between for me. On our wedding day, I cried while walking down the aisle (due to my parents singing the song to me that my dad wrote and sang for my mom on their wedding day, while I stood at the back of the sanctuary with my grandfather) and I cried all the way through the vows. I cried at our reception. I told the DJ to play “Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner as our last song. When I heard that song, I began sobbing because I knew it was time to leave. Typically, a bride and groom are ready to leave the reception. I, however, was very upset about leaving because it was the last time I was going to see all my family and friends until Christmas (little did I know, I would be back in 2 weeks for house hunting in Huntsville). I think I hugged every single person that was still at the reception before we left. Then, after everyone was lined up outside to see us leave, I started sobbing again before I made it out the door. My photographer looked me in the eyes and said, “You are supposed to be happy. Dry up your tears.” I didn’t, I cried with a huge smile on my face while we ran to the car. It’s tough being a girl. I felt a little better after this weekend when I went to friend’s wedding and she cried pretty much through the whole ceremony. She is a dear friend of mine. She was my next door neighbor from one year of age until a few years ago. She asked me to read scripture in her wedding and of course I said yes. I was so nervous though. Once again, not nervous about reading in front of others, but nervous and worried about having an ugly, uncontrollable cry and not being able to get any words out for my sobbing.  I was the last person of three to read scripture so I had plenty of time to work my nerves up. By the time I went up to the microphone, my heart was beating out of my chest and I just knew I was going to lose it. However, I didn’t! I read my passage with complete confidence and I didn’t allow my eyes to wander over to the bride, who was crying while we read. No shaky voice, no tears, no mess ups, and I was even able to look at the guests while I read. That is a big accomplishment for me…here’s why and here’s my most embarrassing moment. 

In July 2007, a very good friend of mine from Auburn got married and I was in her wedding. At her rehearsal dinner, the wedding party was asked to give a toast. First of all, I had just gotten married less than 2 months before her and a lot had happened since my wedding (moving to Fort Myers, moving back to AL) and I was very reminiscent of my wedding, therefore I was already a little shaky. Second of all, I had never given an official toast before and this came completely unexpected. No preparation for this speech, just asked on the spot. At my table were my all of my good friends from Auburn. Rebecca was first, then Allison, and then there was me. I got the mic from Allison, stood up, said “I’m Brittany Von Kanel” and then absolutely lost all control of my emotions and the bottom fell out. I couldn’t get a word out.  Allison kept thinking, “Should I take the mic from her and let her recover while I speak for her?” But she never did, thankfully. That would have made it even more embarrassing. I just kept crying, trying to breathe and trying with all my might to get some words out. I’m not sure that anyone understood what I said. I could feel their eyes staring at me, thinking, “What is wrong with this girl?” To make things worse, I barely knew the groom which meant I barely knew half the people in the room. I felt like such an idiot. When I was finally done with my “toast” Jessica got the mic from me and said, “thanks a lot.” Jessica cries at nothing and I mean nothing and was completely shocked about my come apart and wasn’t sure what to say. You may be saying, big deal, so you cried at a rehearsal. No no no, I did not cry at a rehearsal…I flat out had everyone swimming in river rapids of my tears when I was done. No one else shed a tear even the least bit. And now I will always be remembered as the girl who freaked out at the rehearsal and my friend’s will never let me live this down. Please feel free to share your most embarrassing moment so I don’t feel like I’m the only one.