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Jack from “Jack and Tina in the Morning” on WAY FM commented on my last post. Brent thought this was pretty funny and random. He said he got to work on Friday and had an email from “Jack and Tina.” He couldn’t figure out who they were until he saw the comment. Why someone told him we mentioned WAY FM on our blog, I don’t understand. It would make more sense if I had written an entire blog about how much I love WAY FM. In fact, what I mentioned had nothing to do with the topic and was not exactly a compliment. I listen to the station a lot. It’s far better than the christian radio station that I listened to growing up. Actually, I never listened to that station because it did not play any music that a teenager would ever want to listen to. It was very adult contemporary “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” kind of music. There’s nothing wrong with that song or type of music, I just don’t want sing along with it in the car. So, Jack, thanks for stopping by and commenting on our blog. And, sorry for the comment about the station. I do listen a lot and enjoy it.

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