Just me and my love :)

So I’m at home on my dad’s computer. Found some old school pics of Brent and me and thought you might like to see them.

Our first picture as a couple. We are on a mission trip in Pritchard, AL. I’m 16 and Brent is 17.
My Junior Prom
Brent’s first apartment in Auburn his freshman year.
On the Scream Machine at Six Flags. Summer after my sophomore and his junior year at Auburn.
In New Orleans to see Auburn play in the Sugar Bowl, 2004 season.
My senior year of high school at a Shane and Shane concert.

Brent’s senior year at Auburn at the Iron Bowl. Obviously, I had not completely converted to an Auburn fan yet.

At the best place in the world to get breakfast, The BBQ House in Auburn.
Excited about an extension cord at our Couple’s Shower.
Brent’s Senior Prom
Our rehearsal dinner at Johnny Ray’s. The best BBQ around.

I think this picture is hilarious because we are all doing something different. Brent looks like he is about to jump off the stage, I’m doing something to my bouquet and it looks like Steve (photographer) is asking his fiance if his butt looks big in those pants.

3 thoughts on “Just me and my love :)

  • I did the same thing the other day, I found an old slideshow I had made for Erin when we were dating and it had alll our current (at the time) pictures of us together. I’ll have to post em soon, to show off ;).Awesome pictures, ya’ll look so happy/sweet together ;). Thanks for sharing!I’m surprised you got a good clear picture on the Scream Machine, roughest rollercoaster in Six Flags!

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