That thing got my blood a boilin’

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for the 2009 Honda Pilot with the bison. I crack up everytime I hear the guy in the front seat say, “That thing got my blood a boilin’ .” Tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings some people got my blood a boilin’ and it was no laughing matter.  Brent is a HUGE Florida State fan and, of course, we are both Auburn fans.  We went to BWW for dinner so we could watch both games at the same time. The restaurant was packed but the patio had 2 TV’s with sound and no one was out there. Perfect. We sat right in front of the TV’s, had one on the FSU game and one on the AU game. Two couples and another guy sat on the patio as well and none of them had an issue with our choice of TV channels. However, two girls who had been inside at the bar came out on the patio to smoke (even though the patio is a “no smoke area”). They sat down and immediately asked a waitress to change the FSU game to the AU game…they wanted both TV’s on the AU game.  I looked at the waitress and said, “We are watching the FSU game.” The girls heard me say that and, as they walked behind us said, “Uh, but you have Auburn on.” Brent and I had Auburn t-shirts on. I ignored them but was thinking, “Well, girls, it is possible to be fans of 2 teams and it just so happens that we were out here first. Why don’t you go back inside to your table and watch the other 20 TV’s that are showing the AU game?” They were still standing behind us, complaining about how ridiculous it was that we were watching both games. I literally bit my tongue so something extremely rude and sarcastic didn’t slip. As they went on and on about how stupid we were, two guys from the inside came outside to take a smoke break. They asked another waitress to change the FSU game to the AU game. The waitress asked everyone on the patio if anyone was watching the FSU game. I spoke up and said, “We are watching both games.” The guys started complaining and the girls just laughed and snickered some more. I said, “When we leave, you can change the channel.” What I really wanted to say was, “Go inside, back to your table and SHUT UP. We were here first and we are going to watch both games.” Because I spoke up, I felt this enormous pressure to watch the FSU game. I made sure to keep my eyes glued to that TV and didn’t even watch the first half of the AU game. 

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