Why can’t we be friends?

Ok I have 3 or 4 things to blog about, so I will space them throughout the week. The first is Sanibel’s play date on Saturday at the Sims’ during the Auburn game. 
Sanibel has never been around a dog bigger than herself, other than the ones in the neighborhood. She has never been scared of other dogs, so when Josh and Kristin invited Sanibel over to play with their lab Samford, we didn’t think it would be a big deal. Let me tell you…IT WAS. Sanibel absolutely flipped out. She wouldn’t even eat the treat that Kristin tried to give her. When we got to their house, Samford was outside. He was jumping up and down because he was so excited to have a friend and Sanibel didn’t like that at all. I have so many scratches on my arms and even on my sides where she scratched through my shirt. We let Samford inside just to see what would happen and it was quite a scene. At one point, Samford was chasing Sanibel around the couch and all 4 of us were chasing Samford. It was hilarious. I finally got Sanibel in my arms and had to hold her above my head because Samford was jumping all over her. Poor Samford, he just wanted to be friends. Later in the game, Samford was outside playing with Kristin and I took Sanibel out there…in my arms of course. Samford didn’t bother her because he was preoccupied with toys so I put Sanibel on the ground. I wanted her to get over her fears. Samford started chasing her around in circles and she was terrified. But she couldn’t stop because Samford would trample over her, so she just kept running. She can run fast for a very long time. Unfortunately, Sanibel never got completely comfortable around Samford. Despite her exhaustion, she refused to slow down or sit down. She wouldn’t even stop for a water break. Here are some pictures. Sorry they are a little fuzzy, I didn’t have much time to worry if it was focused or not. 

Thanks for letting us play! And thanks for the new toys! Sanibel loves her racquetballs. After the game, we took Sanibel home and then went out to the Arsenal with Josh and Kristin to go bowling then finished up the night with dinner at Sonic. It was a great weekend! Allison, you’ll be happy to know that I went to the Arsenal on purpose this time…it wasn’t a mistake due to being lost and, of course, I thought of you and our adventure to Huntsville long ago 🙂

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