We define abnormal

There is nothing normal about the Wright family (my dad’s side of the family). We ALWAYS find a way to have fun when we are together, no matter the circumstance. I love my family(all sides: Wright’s, Milstead’s, Von Kanel’s, Handley’s) more than life itself. You have not really gotten to know me until you have sat at the dinner table with my family. If you have had that opportunity, and many have, you understand us and have become family. Our dinner conversations are never normal and I’m surprised that some of us, if not all, have not choked to death due to laughing. Ok…I don’t mean to be morbid or wish that on anyone…just trying to make a point. Anyway, I’ve found some pictures of us. These are just the ones on my computer…there are so many more I would like to share but that will have to wait until I go home again. 
Ben, Sparky and me on my wedding day. Getting Ben to be normal in pictures is impossible.
Ben excited about his Christmas gift: potatoes for his potato gun. 
Not sure how to feel about my Christmas gift: a hubcap for the Camry. It doesn’t match the other three. But it sure looks better than no hubcap at all. 
My cousin, Quinton, and I at Kid’s Camp 2006. 
Easter 2008. One of my faves. From left to right: Granny Rosie, Leslie, Quinton, Me, Mom, Dad, Ryan VK, Teresa VK (hidden), Katie VK, and Brent.
Easter again. Leslie, Quinton, me, Ben
Dad and me singing “My Girl” at the reception
Granny Rosie and Leslie in the conga line at the reception. Love it!
Doing our best “redneck face.” Fort Morgan 2008. From the top left: Dad, Mom, Brent, me, Ben, TH. Bottom: Quinton, Granny Rosie
This is the ultimate. Very typical. Parents, Ben and me at Roly Poly in Vestavia. 
We do know how to smile and say cheese, but it’s much more fun to be crazy.
The one picture I really wish I had is one of Pop Pop making his face. If you’ve seen it, you know what I am talking about. 

2 thoughts on “We define abnormal

  • HAHA, I started laughing as soon as I saw the title of tonight’s entry. And I’d just like to point out, abnormal has no negative connotations in this case – better to be abnormal than dysfunctional!! I think we both know enough about those to avoid that at all costs. Abnormal is fine… when it goes beyond that, we can start to worry.Btw, thanks for the encouragement on the blog – you must not have seen it when it was in progress! I’m satisfied now so I’m done.AND I miss YOU too BJWVK!!! I’m trying to look at my calendar so I can come visit soon (maybe November/December?!)

  • That reminds me so much of Erin’s family, mine too but more Erin’s. We never…never go without someone almost falling over laughing whenever we get together. My family is the same but Erin has 4 siblings…1 grandmother plus 2 parents and 3 married in siblings, me, tiffany and nacho…grand total…11 on a normal basis, it’s incredible! Still two more to marry and then kids….never will be a dull time! Love the pictures!

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