No more brass!

Brent and I are trying to update the look of our home without spending a fortune. The house was built in 1997 so we have ugly brass lighting fixtures, door handles, and cabinet hardware all over our house that can be blinding at times.  Fortunately, Brent works at a company where he can get plumbing, appliances, lighting, cabinet and door hardware at cost. Brent got the door hardware put up this past week and we worked this weekend to get some of the lighting put up. Brent’s family came up to help us do all of the lights…but we decided to spend our Saturday just relaxing instead. As of right now, we have 5 lights up (hallway, one of the bedrooms, 2 outside, and the chandelier in the kitchen). I must say Brent is a hard worker and I am so thankful, but I also must say that he is NOT nice when he is doing any kind of handy work around the house. I thought installing the dishwasher was bad until we hung the chandelier tonight. He was downright mean to me, and he’ll admit it. He gave me permission to blog about his bad attitude. It takes a lot to get him stirred up and he has never been ugly to me…until tonight. But I can’t blame him, everything went wrong. I think we took the fixture down at least 3 times and had to call 3 people to ask about the wiring becuase it wasn’t colored. Brent said “dang it” or “freakin” probably about 15 times. I kept offering to help but was told, “I don’t want your help, I just want you to be quiet.” And of course, we are sitting here laughing about the whole situation after the fact. No damage done. We still love each other. Here are the before, during and after pictures. 

2 thoughts on “No more brass!

  • Haha, I think everyone goes through that ;). I know Erin can testify to me being a meany while “fixing things.” 😀 Tho she may not use such nice words ;D hahaOh, and I can relate to the “freakin” and “Dangit’ comments I use those often when I’m fixing things ;D.Very nice lighting choice guys, I really like the new light!

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