SO tacky!

We changed the lighting in the hall bath tonight and guess what we found behind it??? Wall paper! Pretty 90’s wallpaper. Apparently, the previous homeowners painted over the wallpaper, which isn’t such a big deal, except when they painted over it they did a stucco like texture. We also can’t find the paint color in the garage…so it looks like we will be scraping/sanding down the texture and completely repainting the entire bathroom. Wonderful. Oh yeah, the light fixture doesn’t give off enough light. We have to return the 3 light and get the 4 light fixture. It will be a couple of weeks though before we can do it. That’s a weekend project and we have something to do the next 2 Saturdays. Looks like we’ll be tacky for a while. Maybe I’ll get redneck points…Ben? TH?

2 thoughts on “SO tacky!

  • I kind of like the look. You could get a toilet lid cover and and a tissue box cover to match and it will pull it all together. Nice!

  • ^^ Haha, my mom has those Toilet Seat Covers and Tissue Covers! hahahahahaRight after Erin and I first got married, when we were working on our 1930s house! haha, I know. I asked her if she was getting Toilet Seat Covers like my mom….a mixture of an “Eww” and “Evil” look occurred directly after. Poor poor Drew and his lack of Modern Interior Design skills 😀

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