Going to the Ham

Brent and I took Friday off and we are going home! We haven’t been home in a while, at least a month. We are going to be very busy. Thursday night we are going to Ryan’s (Brent’s brother) middle school football game to see him play in the band. Friday, we are running errands then tailgating before the BIG game (Vestavia vs. Hoover). Ben goes to Vestavia and Brent graduated from Hoover in ’02. It’s probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, high school football rivals in the state so it’s important that we are there. Ben plays trumpet in the band and it is his senior year so I want to see him toot his horn for the last time. After the game, we are going to dinner with Ashley and Brian. Ashley is one of my best friends from Auburn. If you read the blog titled “My most embarrassing moment, ” that moment was at her rehearsal dinner. I haven’t seen her since June and I am uber excited about it! On Saturday we are going to Six Flags with my family!!! I love roller coasters and can’t wait to get on the Goliath and Superman again. My mom hurt her back a few weeks ago and I’m hoping she will be recovered enough to ride. I need someone to scream with! On Sunday, we are going to Philly family day at Oak Mountain state park. Philly family day happens 4 times a year. My church back home goes to the state park to fellowship, eat good food and play games. The weekend won’t be very relaxing, but it will be fun just getting to hang out with people I haven’t seen in a while, not to mention not having to work on Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Going to the Ham

  • Sounds like you all have a great weekend planned! I love Six Flags too! We went last summer with the 7th & 8th grade at church and had so much fun. Goliath was SO fun! Enjoy your weekend, sounds like it is going to be eventful! We'll miss you all in SS!

  • Hope you guys had a blast, sounds like you had alot planned but alot of fun to have.Hoover and Vestavia is a huge rivalry, I’ve lived in North AL my whole life and I knew about that rivalry 🙂I LOVE the Goliath, I think Erin has mixed feelings about it but she’ll ride with me, sweet of her ;).

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