Mystery Trash

Brent and I were enjoying a perfect Fall evening: Santa Fe Soup, Homemade Pumpkin Pie, Fresh Coffee, Auburn Football, and…wet coffee grounds all over the bed. I’m sure you are confused. Let me back up. Sanibel was outside tonight while I was cleaning up the kitchen. She was scratching at the door so Brent let her in. She went to one of the back bedrooms (she thinks the room is hers). This is very typical of her so we didn’t think anything of it. Normally, she takes one of her toys and chews on it while lying on the bed and eventually falls asleep. When I got done cleaning the kitchen, I couldn’t remember if Sanibel was outside or in “her room.” I asked Brent if he let her in earlier and he couldn’t remember either. So, I went outside to check on her, called her name a few times and she never came. Obviously, she was inside. I went to the back to check on her only to find wet coffee grounds ALL over the bed! And she just sat there looking at me as if there was absolutely nothing abnormal about the situation–“Why are you looking at me, I always chew on wet coffee grounds.” Brent and I just assumed that she sneaked into the trash while I was cleaning the kitchen, because sometimes I pull the trash can out of the cabinet for easier access. But, we soon realized that couldn’t be the case because on the bed was also a coffee filter and our coffee maker doesn’t require those. That coffee couldn’t be ours.  So who’s is it and how did she get it? I assume that since it’s windy and tomorrow is trash day someone put their trash out and the wind picked it up and it landed in our backyard. If this is true, that means one of two things:
1. Our neighbors don’t use trash bags, they just throw things in the can and roll it to the street (otherwise, how would Sanibel find just one coffee filter?). 

2. Our neigbors do use trash bags and a whole bag was blown into our yard and Sanibel got into it…which also means someone else’s trash is all over our yard. And it’s too dark and cold to go out and check. 
How did we miss her coming inside with a full coffee filter in her mouth? One thing I know for sure, that coffee better be decaf.  Otherwise, Sanibel will be doing somersaults in her crate tonight. She already acts like she is on speed. I can’t imagine what speed plus caffeine must look like. 

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