If I Only Had a Blog

The Night We Got Pulled Over

Side note: The original thought was to do this series in chronological order, but I don’t think it will happen that way. 
It was Christmas Break 2002. Brent’s dad had just bought a new Ford Expedition. We had been at his house in Hoover and Brent brought me home in the new ride. New car, no tag or insurance. Once we got into Cahaba Heights, we ran into (not literally) my parents at an intersection. So, we both rolled down our windows and had a conversation, yelling at each other from across the intersection so we could hear. We were on the main road and didn’t have a stop sign, but no one was behind us so it wasn’t a problem that we were stopped. My parents asked us where we were going, I asked them where they were going. Turns out they were going to Granny Rosie and Pop Pop’s house for dinner and we decided to go as well. We pulled into a gas station parking lot to turn around just as we saw blue flashing lights pull up behind us. Ok let me re-paint the scene for you:  Two young teenagers, brand new car, no insurance, no tag, yelling at someone at an intersection. Looks like trouble to a police officer. He got out of his car with the a flashlight bright enough to search for aliens and started shining it in the car. He asked for tag registration and insurance cards and we couldn’t give him either. Ding Ding Ding, the car must be stolen! I guess telling him that Brent’s dad had just bought the car that day sounded legit enough to leave that alone. Then, he thought we were in a fight with the people in the car at the intersection. “Oh no sir, those are just my parents.” So he thinks we are a bunch of rebellious teenagers disrespecting our parents. I explained that were just making dinner plans. I’m sure that sounded strange, but if you only knew my family you wouldn’t think anything of it. He left that idea alone as well. Then he started to search the car and ask me strange questions that implied he thought I had been kidnapped and Brent had intentions to rape me. I wasn’t scared and gave him straight up honest answers and he finally left that idea alone too. We left the scene with no charges, tickets, fees, whatever. We were just told to “be careful” and “don’t drive a car without a tag and insurance” and “get to where you are going.” I know, not as eventful as you were probably thinking it would be. But, it’s late, I’m tired, and this memory didn’t take much thought. Good night!

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