Nissan Island

Brent and I went to Linens N Things tonight. My brother is moving into a dorm room at UA next year and my best friend just bought a house, so I figured I could find some stuff for them. After walking around for 30 minutes and picking up a lot of things, I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t really like anything I saw, it was only appealing because it was 20-40% off. It became even more unappealing after Brent told me that he read on The Consumerist that businesses that have a “Going Out of Business” sale usually jack up the prices before they give a discount. Anyway, it was raining tonight. As we were walking to the car, Brent noticed that our car was lonely. No other cars were near it. As we got closer, we noticed why. It was an island. There was a huge puddle of water surrounding our car. The puddle was so deep that when cars drove by we had to back up because of the waves. We stood there, in the middle of the parking lot, getting wet, trying to come up with a game plan of how to get to the car. I just assumed we would tip toe to the car and if our shoes got wet, we would just go home and change shoes before we finished our errands. Brent thought he had a better idea. He found a buggy and decided he would jump on the back of it and give himself a good push to the car. He realized this wouldn’t work…what if he didn’t make it to the car or what if he pushed off too hard and ran into the car? We also ran into the same problems when we considered me getting inside the buggy and having Brent give me a good push towards the car.  I’m sure the couple getting into their car found this very humorous. Thankfully, we did too. Especially when we started arguing over just getting in the car vs. walking to Best Buy in hopes that the water would drain while we were gone. Hmm…who do you think had the second idea? Not me. I really did not want to walk over to Best Buy-afterall, it’s not in the same shopping center as LNT and it was raining. But, being the submissive wife I am supposed to be, I walked with Brent over to Best Buy. I was actually ok with that because I really had to go to the bathroom after drinking 3 Diet Cokes at dinner. We stayed in there for about 10 minutes…long enough for Brent to point out all the things he wants for Christmas and for me to go to the bathroom. When we left, of course it was raining harder, which means the puddle was becoming an ocean. Unless the drain decided to work in the 10 minutes while we were gone. Not likely. Brent offered to let me wait at Best Buy while he went and got the car. I told him, “Nope, you got us into this together, we are going to get out of this together.” So we made the trip across parking lots, dodging all kinds of puddles, back to the car in the pouring rain. You’re right Brent, that was a good idea! Brent let me stand on land while he swam to the car. He had water 6 inches up his pant legs. Needless to say, we didn’t finish our errands tonight. However, we laughed a lot. And in the end, that’s what matters, right?

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