Sanibel’s First and Last Slumber Party

Brent and I went to Nashville for the weekend and had to leave Sanibel at the vet. I love the vet we use. They are helpful and nice and have always taken good care of Sanibel when we take her in for check-ups/surgery. And, the vets are Auburn grads so I know they are good! This was Sanibel’s first time to stay at the vet overnight. Usually when we go out of town, our parents keep her. But we had to board her this time since we were not driving South towards the Ham. I hope we never have to do this again! She put up a fight when Brent tried to drop her off on Friday. He said I would have cried if I had taken her. He’s probably right. But Sanibel has always been able to quickly recover from negative circumstances and she has a very short memory. For example, she ran right into a wall one night in the hallway when it was dark. Instead of moping around like it hurt, she shook it off and got right back to whatever toy she was after. We assumed she forgot about us leaving her and had fun playing with her new dog friends. Wishful thinking. Brent was going to pick her up today during his lunch break. However, he got a call around 10:30 from the vet asking for permission to SEDATE her before giving her a BATH! How embarrassing! Apparently she would bite or scratch anyone who attempted to get her out of her crate. Brent declined and left immediately to go pick her up. When he got there, the vet assisstants would not get her out themselves. They took Brent through the “employee only” area so that he could get her. When they got home, Sanibel already had a bowl full of food. Brent went to the bathroom and when he got back ALL the food was gone and she was gulping down the water. I guess she didn’t eat or drink anything during her stay. I know she was fed and given water, this is not the vet’s fault. Sanibel is just an absolute brat and refused to eat or drink. She wouldn’t even take treats from the vet! Brent felt like he had just picked up his rebellious child from daycare that was too defiant to stay at school. I feel like I need to write a letter of appology to the vet asking forgiveness for her behavior. I couldn’t believe it! Hopefully we will never have to board her again. I will do anything before I leave her at the vet overnight. I hope our children reflect better parenting skills than Sanibel. 

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