Christmas 2008

Most Practical Gift: a book titled How to Live with a Neurotic Dog and Lowe’s gift cards

Funniest Gift: a can of cream of potato soup (there is a story behind this but I will save it for another time, if I choose to tell)

Most Redneck Gift: 100% Redneck t-shirts and “Alabama Redneck Survival Kit” complete with sunflower seeds and WD-40 for Ben and TH of course. Unfortunately, I had all of my hubcaps this year and didn’t receive any this Christmas. However, we did replace a headlight on Christmas Eve at LaDaryl and Sandra’s house (I have been asked to always refer to my uncle on the blog as “LaDaryl.” He is a redneck and I must do what he says. Do I get redneck points?).

Most Sentimental Gift: let me give you background info first–My uncle passed away in ’94. Before he was married, he dated a girl (Jan Montgomery for those of you in the Ham) for a long time and gave her a really pretty opal necklace while they were together. Mrs. Montgomery gave Leslie the necklace with a really sweet note this Christmas. 

Most Broken Gift: I will not say who this is about because I don’t want this person to feel any worse than he/she already does. A very fragile present was given to someone. Less than 10 minutes after the present was open, it fell on the floor and shattered to pieces. No worries, the gift has already been reordered and will be delivered shortly.

Most Special Gift: I got a replica of the Sanibel Island lighthouse, a place that Brent and I visited many times while he was living in Fort Myers. I’ve been wanting this lighthouse for a while and never took the time to order it. I was told the man that made them passed away and the lighthouses were being retired. The Sanibel Island lighthouse was one of the first to retire so I just forgot about it. Brent and my mom found one and my parents gave it to me.

Most Disappointing Gift 1: I opened a gift of Ben’s senior pictures and loved them. Turns out those pictures were intended for Quinton and I had to put them back in the bag with the tissue paper and he had to pretend he had no clue what was in them. It’s ok though because I opened some later.

Most Disappointing Gift 2: Cleveland (cousin) got a guitar Christmas morning and we gave him a tuner and picks. However, we exchanged gifts with that side of the family Christmas Eve so I wrapped a notecard that said “Gift to come Christmas Morning.”

Funniest Wrapping Paper: Dad couldn’t find the wrapping paper to wrap mom’s gift (even though it was sitting on the floor in the den) so he wrapped it with newspaper. He didn’t realize until after he was done wrapping that he used the obituary section of the newspaper.

Best Bargain day after Christmas: lighted wreaths for $15 at Home Accents in Pelham.

Laughed so hard that my stomach hurt: playing Mad Gab with Brent, Mom, Dad, Ben and Savannah (Ben’s friend)

Most Redneck moment: Riding with Ben and TH in his OLD Bronco to get Pop a toothbrush and razors at the Exxon

Best Quote of Christmas: “WD-40 is like Red Bull for rednecks” made famous by TH.
Here are some pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t have any from Christmas with my mom’s side of the family or the VK’s. These are with my dad’s side of the family. The one of the dog is Sparky, my parents dog. He is at least 13 years old. We aren’t sure how old, he was a stray when we got him in 5th grade. He is wearing Brent’s ear muffs he got for Christmas. 

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