10 Honest Things

I’ve been tagged to tell you 10 honest things about myself…And for the record, this is the third one I’ve done in the past two weeks. I completed the “25 random facts” and “45 questions” on Facebook, and I am about to tag some people for “Memories”. I love these types of things. To avoid repeating myself, I will try to write 10 NEW honest things, so you don’t get bored. And, the best part is you can read all three and have a triple dose of me! I’m not so sure that’s a good thing…but here goes:

1. I hate having my washer and dryer in the garage. It really un-motivates me to do the laundry, especially in the winter when it’s cold out there. Brent is a wonderful husband and does it for me when I ask nicely 🙂

2. Before I was an elementary education major, I was an English major and wanted to get my master’s in journalism. I love to write and wish I had never changed my major. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be such good friends with all my Cohort C peeps.

3. If someone were to create a real time machine, there are 3 times in my life I would want to go back to: my wedding day and the 4 weeks that followed, the good ol’ days with Philly youth group, and Auburn days.

4. I frequently wonder what life would have been like had we stayed in Fort Myers. One thing in particular I wonder about is my job…since I’m not super happy with the job situation now and haven’t been since we moved here…I had a job teaching 4th grade in FM but never got to start the job. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it and felt more support from the admin there than I did here. Because my job last year left a bad taste in my mouth towards teaching in public schools and I wish I didn’t feel that way. Councill Middle School was the best teaching job I ever had…even though it was my internship and I definitely did not get paid for it. I taught 6th grade math and it was awesome. If only I could have a job like that now.

5. I wish I could fly. I love flying in airplanes and I love Superman at Six Flags. I think I would like skydiving if I could just get out of the plane.

6. My hair used to be straight. I was born with curly springs on my head, but it went straight around 4th-7th grade and now it’s curly again…obviously. I don’t understand how people with curly hair straighten it everyday. It’s way too time consuming.

7. I don’t like pizza or ice cream. I know, I must not be human. I don’t like pizza sauce or the crust. I will eat at Marco’s Pizza because they don’t use a lot of sauce and their ingredients are fresh, but only 2 pieces at a time. I don’t like anything colder than a glass of ice water because I don’t taste flavor, I just taste coldness. And eating ice cream just to taste coldness is a waste of calories. I will eat Maggie Moo’s ice cream because, once again, the ingredients are fresh and the ice cream tastes like no other. I can only eat the kiddie cup and sometimes I can’t even finish that.

8. I eat a PB&J sandwich at least 2 times a week.

9. I will not ever put my daughter in bloomers for the sole purpose of covering up panties. When I was 4, I took gymnastics once a week at my preschool. My mom put me in a dress on one of those days. Knowing I would be doing flips and what not in front of boys that day, I did not want to wear a dress. My mother put me in the dress anyway with a pair of bloomers, assuring me that the bloomers would cover up the panties and everything would be ok. Guess what? Little boys don’t know the difference between panties and bloomers and sure enough, when I did my flips in gymnastics, I heard snickering comments about my panties. I was very embarrassed and I’m pretty sure I gave my mother an “I told you so” look when asked me about school that day. Despite that incident, I do believe that I have the best mother in the world.

10. I wore braces for 7 years…complete with head gears, retainers and rubberbands that went from one side of my mouth to the other. Although I love my daddy, I don’t like what his genes did for my mouth. He had them for 9 years. I probably would have had them on longer, but I told my orthodontist that I refused to have them on in my senior portraits (which turned out to be horrible anyway, but that’s another story). He took them off early. It was a big deal. My best friend from high school, Jennifer, and I took the whole day off of school and went early that morning to get them taken off. It was a great feeling!

I am tagging Kristin, Allison and Rebecca.

Let’s get a few things straight…

Well, really, let’s just get this one thing straight. I am NOT pregnant. Despite how some of my co-workers and parents (not my biological ones, the parents of my kindergarten students) seem to think…I am not pregnant. I have now been told by three different people that I have that “motherly glow” or I look “radiant.” Last week one parent asked me if anything was wrong. I had a cold and was very tired that day, so I assumed that is what she was referring to. She said, “No, you just look so radiant” and pryed some more, like I was holding information from her. I was confused, but now I get it. Another parent this morning was bold enough to just flat out ask, “Mrs. Brittany, are you expecting?” I’m sure I turned beat red because I have never been asked that question before. I quickly said no and asked why she thought that. She said, “You just have that motherly glow about you.” I assured her I am NOT pregnant. Astonished, I turned to my co-worker and said, “Can you believe what she just asked me?” I told her and she didn’t seemed surprised. She said she actually thought about asking me the same question last week. While being radiant can be quite a wonderful compliment, it doesn’t seem like one at the moment. I do have to count my blessings though…at least people think I look pregnant because I am “radiant” not because I look fat. That’s all…I just wanted to get it out there that I am not expecting. Trust me, when I find out, you will know as well. I can’t keep exciting secrets very long 🙂

Facade Vocabulary

The best college professor I had was Mrs. Henderson (Dr. Henderson now). I had her twice for Reading Methods. I think I learned more in her two classes than I did in my entire college career combined. She told us once that she always pronounced the word facade as (faKAde…the /k/ sound with a long A) and no one ever corrected her. All she was doing was reading it as it is spelled. I’m not sure how often she used the word, but enough for it to be brought to her attention as she was giving a speech to her scholarly colleagues. She was mortified, there she was giving a speech about teaching reading and all the while she is pronouncing “facade” incorrectly. Have you ever realized that you have been pronouncing a word incorrectly or just altogether said it wrong? Here are a few words that I had a slight misunderstanding with. I call them my “facade vocabulary” because I always think of Mrs. Henderson. 

1. Wind Chill–referring to how cold it feels outside. Ok people, I just learned this one TODAY. I thought the word was “wind shield”. I thought it was called that because the feel of your car’s windshield is the same as the “windshield” temperature. Makes perfect sense to me.  
2. Chest of Drawers–referring to the tall thing in your bedroom that holds all of your clothes. Until a few years ago, I thought it was “chester drawers”.
3. Stunt Double–the guy who fills in for you when you don’t want to perform the stunt. This one is really funny to me because I thought it was “stunt devil”. 
Apparently, #2 and 3 are common because my cousin Quinton had them wrong as well. 
So do you have a “facade vocabulary”? 

If I Only Had a Blog


During Brent’s senior year of high school, he worked at Lifeway. Brent and I were dating at the time. He worked in the music department. One night he had a customer that was trying to find some song she heard on the radio. She didn’t know who sang it or the name of it, but Brent was trying his hardest to help her. He gave her a few places to look and while she was searching for the CD, her daughter struck up a conversation with Brent. They were both seniors and were going off to college the next year, so ya know, they had so much in common. Her name was Shelley and she was going to Beville State. A few minutes later, her mom found the CD and they walked up to the front to pay for it. Shelley decided she would be bold, so she walked back to the music department and slipped Brent a piece of paper with her number on it and said, “If you ever aren’t doing anything, give me a call.” And, what did Brent say? Hmm…correct answers would have been “I’m sorry, I’m not available” or “I have a girlfriend” or “Thanks but I am dating someone”. Any of those would have been acceptable. Instead, Brent said a simple “OK” and stuck her number in his pocket. Brent thought this was hilarious…that he got a girl’s phone number while working at a Christian bookstore. Being the honest boyfriend he was, he told me about Shelley. Being the bratty girlfriend I was, I got mad, ripped up the number and threw it away. Shelley has been an inside joke ever since. 

Brent’s 12 Days of Christmas

While cleaning out the garage today, we came across a 4th grade project of Brent’s. He made a Christmas book that included poems and memories of his family Christmas. Here is his version of The 12 Days of Christmas:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 
Twelve ’57 Chevys,
Eleven red Rolls Royces,
Ten pounds of bacon,
Nine twenty pound hams,
Eight million dollars,
Seven Mersadis Benz,
Six Corvette Sting Rays,
Five solid gold houses,
Four big screen TV’s
Three Sega Genisis,
Two jumbo jets,
And one white Lamborghini.”
I guess he had a thing for pork, cars and money. Hmm, not much has changed!