Brent’s 12 Days of Christmas

While cleaning out the garage today, we came across a 4th grade project of Brent’s. He made a Christmas book that included poems and memories of his family Christmas. Here is his version of The 12 Days of Christmas:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 
Twelve ’57 Chevys,
Eleven red Rolls Royces,
Ten pounds of bacon,
Nine twenty pound hams,
Eight million dollars,
Seven Mersadis Benz,
Six Corvette Sting Rays,
Five solid gold houses,
Four big screen TV’s
Three Sega Genisis,
Two jumbo jets,
And one white Lamborghini.”
I guess he had a thing for pork, cars and money. Hmm, not much has changed!

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