If I Only Had a Blog


During Brent’s senior year of high school, he worked at Lifeway. Brent and I were dating at the time. He worked in the music department. One night he had a customer that was trying to find some song she heard on the radio. She didn’t know who sang it or the name of it, but Brent was trying his hardest to help her. He gave her a few places to look and while she was searching for the CD, her daughter struck up a conversation with Brent. They were both seniors and were going off to college the next year, so ya know, they had so much in common. Her name was Shelley and she was going to Beville State. A few minutes later, her mom found the CD and they walked up to the front to pay for it. Shelley decided she would be bold, so she walked back to the music department and slipped Brent a piece of paper with her number on it and said, “If you ever aren’t doing anything, give me a call.” And, what did Brent say? Hmm…correct answers would have been “I’m sorry, I’m not available” or “I have a girlfriend” or “Thanks but I am dating someone”. Any of those would have been acceptable. Instead, Brent said a simple “OK” and stuck her number in his pocket. Brent thought this was hilarious…that he got a girl’s phone number while working at a Christian bookstore. Being the honest boyfriend he was, he told me about Shelley. Being the bratty girlfriend I was, I got mad, ripped up the number and threw it away. Shelley has been an inside joke ever since. 

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