If I Only Had a Blog

The time we pulled an all-nighter in Los Fresnos, TX…

The summer of 2006, my parents were planning on taking one last family trip together before I got married. I wasn’t even engaged yet, but we all knew it was coming within the year. I had just finished my junior year at Auburn and we knew that I would most likely be getting married the next summer (which I did). We talked about going on a cruise or taking an RV out west. Philly planned on taking a mission trip to Las Higeurillas, Mexico with TETM that same summer. Instead of going on some luxurious and/or relaxing vacation, we decided to go to Mexico together. A cruise would have been wonderful and an RV excursion out west would have been adventurous, but a mission trip with my family and many other friends from Philly was incomparable to any family vacation. Imagine no running water, bucket baths (filling up a 5 gallon bucket with dirty water and going to a shed to “shower”), 125 + weather, no electricity, authentic Mexican food, week old spaghetti, sleeping in a tent with my brother on the sand and having to wear ear plugs to drown the sound of my parents snoring in the tent next to me, waking up to goats and chickens, using the bathroom in a hole with creatures crawling around the hole, and those sweet little parasites that do a number on your stomach. It’s life people, don’t be grossed out. There were only 2 people on the trip that did not get sick. And, unfortunately, the sickness didn’t stop in Mexico, it followed us home and we were sick for at least a week afterwards. On our way back, we slept in Los Fresnos, TX where TETM was hosting the different churches that had been out on trips the past week. Thankfully, the parsonage was vacant and they let our group stay there for the night. After we all got REAL showers, and used a REAL toilet, we went to our debriefing meeting. When that was over, we headed back to the parsonage to sleep. Some of us didn’t see the need for sleep. We had to leave at like 4:3oam to get to the airport, so we decided to stay up the whole night. Though I would love to share with you pictures from the actual trip, I will save that for a more serious blog. These are pictures from the night in Los Fresnos. We took what I call “Situation Pictures” where the photographer says “1, 2, 3, ” and says some random situation that you have to pretend you are in. Remember, very sick, very sleep deprived, very delirious (in these pictures are Michelle…the other one with the curly hair, Ginna…the one with the short black hair, my mom…the one with the even shorter black hair, Ben…my brother and the only boy in the pictures, and myself)  


1,2,3…pick your nose, but don’t let anyone see

1,2,3…mean teacher look

1,2,3…gas pains

1,2,3…Sound of Music

1,2,3…well you know what this is

1,2,3…your brother is playing the radio too loud and you are annoyed
1,2,3…you just stubbed your toe

“I love it!” Ever seen the SNL skit with Molly Shannon? This is mine and Ginna’s version, except it’s on the toilet. 

I literally have NEVER laughed so hard in my ENTIRE life. You had to be there to truly understand the atmosphere. This night can never be re-created. Whenever I need a good laugh, I look at these pictures and I LOL…for real. Such great memories with wonderful people. 

My wonderful daddy

Ever since Kindergarten (maybe earlier) my dad has always gotten me flowers for Valentine’s day. In elementary school, he would meet me for lunch and bring me flowers. Sometimes, he didn’t come to lunch but would sneak in my classroom and put flowers on my desk while I was at lunch. In middle and high school it wasn’t very “cool” to have my dad come eat with me, but he still had flowers waiting for me when I came home. Things got really interesting when I went away to college because I still expected flowers even though I was 2 hours away. My freshman year at Auburn, Valentine’s Day was on the weekend and I was home to lead a group for Delta Flight (aka Disciple Now). When I got in my car Sunday morning, he had flowers in the front seat. My sophomore year, I was in Auburn for VDay. When I got in my car to go to class, I found the flowers, once again, in my car. My junior year (and this one is my favorite because I have NO clue how this one worked out) I ate at the BBQ House for some AMAZING breakfast every Tuesday at 7am with some girls from church.  Tuesday just happened to be VDay that year. At BBQ House, you order your food and give them your name, then sit down. When they call your name, you walk up to the counter and get your food. When they called my name, I walked up to the counter and found my food sitting next to some roses on the tray 🙂 My senior year at Auburn, I was doing my internship at CMS in Dadeville. He had the local florist deliver some roses to my school with a note on it that said, “How about dinner tonight at 5:30?” Pictures above. He met me in Auburn and took me to Auburn City Limits restaurant where he had made reservations (it’s now called something else I think). At our rehearsal dinner, my dad let everyone know that it was now Brent’s responsibility to give me flowers on VDay. I made sure he knew that I still expected flowers from him. He’s my daddy. Yeah, I’m married now, but I’m still his little girl and that will never change. Last year, he had flowers delivered to my school. This year, around 6pm I still hadn’t received any flowers. I called him to ask where they were…yes, very stuck up and ungrateful of me, I know. But he told Brent that he expected a phone call from me wondering where the flowers were. He played it off like he didn’t know he was still supposed to send flowers and forgot that he did last year. I believed him, even though I know better. I was at Freedom Weekend (aka another Disciple Now) for VDay this year. On Saturday night, we went to the church for a concert/worship by David Freeman and his band. After they sang 2-3 songs, one of the guitarist went to the back of the stage and grabbed a vase of red roses. He said that he didn’t know who they were for but read the note that said, “Ha, did you really think I would forget?” And then asked for whoever they belonged to to come up to the stage and claim them. I was almost in tears, but I pulled myself together and took the vase and called my dad to applogize for being a brat and thanked him for the flowers. I have no clue how he got them here. I don’t know the logistics of any time he has surprised me with flowers and I’m not really allowed to know. It’s all a mystery to me. But I do know that he wrote the note on the flowers this year, so he had to bring them here somehow. It really humbled me. It made me realize how blessed I am to have an earthly father that loves me “as big as the world” like we always used to say when I was a child. There are plenty of girls in this world that either don’t know their daddy or don’t have a daddy that shows Christ’s love to them each and every day of their lives. Why did God choose to put me in a family where I have a loving father and mother? Who am I to deserve this love? I don’t deserve it. But I am beyond grateful for the blessing He has given me of such a wonderful father. And I can only imagine, if my earthly father loves me this much, just think how much greater my Heavenly Father loves me. It leaves me speechless.  

VK’s Withdrawals

I’ve been kindly reminded by a friend that she is having “VK’s” blog withdrawals. I know it’s been a while. Honestly, nothing has happened lately that has been blog worthy. I always look for those hilarious, intriguing or spiritual situations to blog about and I’ll say “I have to blog about this.” But nothing of the sort has happened lately. I’m working on an “If I Only Had a Blog”. It involves a lot of pictures and going back and forth between the folder the pics are in, facebook, and the blog. I’ve been working on it since last Tuesday, not because it is a huge project or anything, it just has to be done in small steps due to my lack of time. If you went to Las Higuerillas in 2006 with TETM, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. But I think everyone will enjoy it, at least I hope so 🙂 Oh wait…I just remembered I do have something!!! And if you are my friend on Facebook, this is very old news. Brent got Wii Fit for his birthday (the 27th of this month) and my Wii age is…drum roll…48! 24 years older than my actual age. 2 years older than my mom! Apparently I can not balance very well and I carry more of my weight on the right side than on the left. Somehow that has everything to do with my Wii age. Who knew? It asked me if I find myself tripping frequently when I walk. No, actually, I think I walk pretty well. So my “personal trainer” on the Wii is going to help me learn to balance. Thank you my dear Wii for helping me become Wii younger! And I just remembered something else. (I guess I do have something to blog about). I will never eat sushi again. I went to my cousin’s 13th birthday party at Sumo in Hoover on Friday night. Uncle LaDaryl ordered some sushi (who knew that a redneck could like something so sophisticated as sushi) and gave Ben and me some to try. Of course, that is after he dipped it in wasabi and soy sauce. Wasabi was the least of my problems. It could have been doused in wasabi and it still wouldn’t have been a problem. He said it had avocado and cream cheese in it. I thought it couldn’t be that bad…foods I eat frequently…rice, cream cheese, avocado wrapped in seaweed and a little raw salmon. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! Oh my gosh, did I mention it was awful? Ya know how you sometimes say something was so bad you want to throw up, but it’s really not that bad, you are just exaggerating to get your point across? There is no exaggerating when I say that I almost threw up when I put that thing in my mouth. My gag reflexes were FREAKING OUT! I had to concentrate hard to chew and swallow. It was not an easy thing to do. I got it down, after a few horrible expressions on my face, and managed to get through my dinner. I’m sure I offended the chef. I really thought it had ruined my appetite, but I downed some water REAL fast and got that horrid taste out of my mouth. NEVER AGAIN!

For the record, my Wii Fit age was 20 – Brent