Dump Date

We cleaned out the garage about 2 months ago, but had no where to put the junk that we needed to throw away (cardboard boxes, lighting fixtures, appliances, bookshelves, etc) so we left it in the middle of the garage. Brent rented a Uhaul truck today and, since he only works half a day of Fridays, he spent the afternoon loading up the Uhaul with all our junk. As I’m standing in my classroom playing rhythm sticks with my kids, I see an old Uhaul pull up in the parking lot…no surprise, it was my sweet husband coming to pick me up so we could go unload our junk at the county dump. The Uhaul had to be the oldest one on the lot, the A/C was broken, and the side mirrors didn’t move. I felt like a redneck, especially when I had to run into Publix in a nicer part of town to get cash back (the dump only takes check or cash, just FYI) and I was picked up in a loud Uhaul. The smell was not too bad; however, something about knowing where the smell was coming from made the smell awful. I think the same smell anywhere else wouldn’t have even been noticed, but I was walking on and smelling someone else’s trash. Pretty disgusting. It was my first trip to the dump, and I must say that if I have to go to the dump, I mine as well go with Brent and call it a date. Nauseatingly romantic.

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