A Call to Prayer

Brent jokes and says that I wish that I was a part of the Gosselin family (Jon and Kate Plus 8) instead of my own and that is SO not true. But, like Kate said in last night’s episode, I have been invited into their home every Monday night for so long. So, if you care to know my opinion, here goes: 

First of all, I am not buying or reading any of the magazines. I think Jon and Kate’s honest words on last night’s episode were enough. Second of all, I only know as much as you do…only what I have seen on TV episodes. I don’t claim to be a “know it all” on this topic and I certainly don’t claim to know what it’s like to have 8 children and have my life broadcasted all over the country. I’m an outsider looking in. I believe Jon when he says he did not cheat on Kate. I don’t care what the pictures/magazines say. He said it and I will believe it until he confesses otherwise. However, I do think he made poor choices, as they both said last night; poor choices that have caused their marriage to suffer. However, I believe Kate needs to be submissive to her husband. I can hold her to this biblical standard of wives submitting to their husbands because they have been very open on their show and in their book that they are followers of Christ. On the Season 4 Finale, it was obvious that Jon was hesitant to do another season and Kate was sure that another season was best.  If there was any doubt from either side, I think cancelling the show would have been the wisest thing to do. I’m not saying that not doing another season would have saved their marriage, but I think that it would have helped. Family is more important that fame, always. Kate said that she regrets her attitude toward Jon the past 10 years, however she does not think that it pushed Jon to the point he is at now. She said everyone is responsible for their own actions. I fully agree with the previous statement. But Kate is still responsible for the way she treated him. If she does not show appreciation for her husband, he is going to look for appreciation from someone else. I did not realize until last night that Jon quit his job 2 years ago so that Kate could travel to do book tours and such. I believe it’s natural for a man to feel that he has to provide for the family and it would be tough to go from financial provider to stay-at-home daddy. Jon made a sacrifice for his wife and family. Kate said he had help while she was away. I don’t care if I have 24 children and 48 babysitters, if my spouse is not there to help me, I would still feel lonely and incomplete. And when she is out of town a lot of the time, they can’t worship and fellowship with other believers together. Their words sounded so “worldly” last night…doing what’s best for the children. They didn’t mention each other. How many times do you hear divorced couples saying that? What about what’s best for your spouse, the one you vowed to be with in good times and in bad? Your spouse has to come first. I think the root of the problem is that God has slowly been pushed out of this marriage. When do you have time for the things of Christ when you have 8 children, cameras everywhere, traveling everywhere, paparazzi, etc? I can only speak for myself…it would be hard to seek Christ with all of those distractions. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not judging them. I’m hoping America will get a wake up call. We get so busy and caught up in things of this world, things that don’t matter in the perspective of eternity and we slowly push God out of our lives and then wonder why so many marriages end in divorce or why our children run from God when they move out. Any Christian could be right where the Gosselin’s are, many Christians have and are now. I could be right where they are. But by the grace of God, I’m not. I’m asking you to pray for this family. Call me crazy (I prayed for Nick and Jessica), but imagine the example their marriage would set for America if they allowed God to transform their marriage/family. America would see that when marriages go off the deep end, it doesn’t mean that divorce is the only option. There is another option and that is allowing the power of Christ’s love to see you through to the other side, making your marriage so much stronger. Pray for this family, pray that God would use them to change marriages in America. Even if it’s just one marriage, it’s all worth it. 

4 thoughts on “A Call to Prayer

  • I agree with you… We need to lift their marriage up in prayer. What a great witness/ example that would be. Satin is attacking their family and our God is Bigger.

  • I was just blog-surfing and found this post (I think from Dawn’s site)…
    Your words echo my heart exactly since I saw that episode. And I have joined your effort to pray for them- no, we don’t “know” them, except that they (have indicated) are part of our family of God. And what an amazing testimony to Him if they can WORK THRU THIS- so many couples give up and give in to the world’s answers at this point…
    I don’t usually comment on stranger’s blogs (I find it creepy when someone does that to me!) but had to make an exception for this one! 🙂

  • I saw your post listed on Dawn's blog…I totally agree, they can work on this marriage and save it…and I think that when Jon quit his job, whoever decided that, that was the worst thing he could do…he not only lost his ability to “provide”, he lost his sense of identity…and he's said that he isn't JG anymore, he is J from J&K+8….He may be saying he didn't cheat meaning that he didn't “lie” with someone else, but I think if he did anything behind Kate's back and didn't tell her, anything that he wouldn't do in front of her, then that to me is suspect behavior…

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