Family Food Portrait Week 12

I get fetal development updates every week from The updates always compare the size of the baby to a type of food. Brent had the creative idea of taking family pictures with the food items each week. This week, our sweet poppyseed has grown to the size of a lime.

I usually have Bible study with the high school girls on Tuesday nights. But, I had to move it to tonight due to a family emergency on Tuesday (Brent’s dad is in the hospital with a bad Staph infection). So, I took a picture with some of Baby VK’s future babysitters. From left to right: Paige, Mary, Me, Tori, Whitney, and Katie. Notice that Sanibel is trying to eat the baby.
No pregnancy would be complete without belly pictures. So, here I am at 12 weeks. And, yes, those are Powerpuff Girl pajama pants that I have had since 9th grade. They are my favorite PJ pants in the whole wide world and I especially love them now for the elastic waist 🙂

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