Family Food Portrait Week 14 and 15

I have failed miserably at my new tradition. Maybe I shouldn’t have started it, but now that I have…I must keep going. Otherwise, one lonesome family photo of us with a lime is just lame. So, here goes week 14 (a lemon) and week 15 (an apple). I had great intentions with the lemon. I actually bothered to go to the store to buy ONE lemon. But last week got the best of me between finishing up my old job, getting started on my new job, and preparing for a week at the beach. So my lemon (the actual lemon, not the baby–that would be slightly impossible) sits lonely at home and I’m here at the beach with something other than a lemon or apple. I’m a little on the burnt side, so I went with my mom and Brent to the outlet stores today, instead of soaking in the sun all day. I was all excited about the Motherhood Maternity outlet. Smaller prices means it’s easier to justify spending a small fortune on clothes that I will only wear for short period of time. I know I know, I will have other children and can wear the clothes again. But I’m sure I’ll be preggo during another season, that would be my luck. Although the selection was greater than the actual MM stores in the malls, I was so very disappointed with the prices. I’m convinced they were higher than the non-outlet MM stores. At the least, they were not cheaper than the regular stores. I paid $40 dollars for a pair of jeans. I have NEVER done that in my life. My rule for jeans is $30 or less (unless, of course, someone is buying them for me). My mom convinced me to buy them, however, because they were the perfect length and length has been such a struggle for me when buying maternity clothes. Length is always an issue for me anyway, becuase I’m too tall for petite/short and too short for regular. If you are male, I’m sure you don’t care. None of the talk about MM is all that important, I just wanted to share my frustration with you. I will say that a trip to the outlet mall that is usually an all day affair, is really cut short when there is only one store you can shop in 🙂 After shopping, we went to Milo’s for lunch. Probably my least favorite place to eat. For those of you not from the Ham or have no experience with Milo’s…it’s not just really sweet tea that you buy in the grocery stores. It’s a fast food hamburger place that has their own “special sauce” that they pour all over your burger. Their theme song says, “Everybody goes to Milo’s” but the song should say, “Almost everybody goes to Milo’s.” I’m not a fan, but it was either that or some chicken place and I didn’t win. As my mom and Brent ate an apple pie, we discussed going to Wal-Mart to get a lemon and an apple for the family portraits. Then it dawned on us that we could do without Wal-Mart produce (nothing against Wal-Mart produce, I just don’t like going there) and use the pie boxes instead, which so conveniently have pictures of lemons and apples on them. Wal-Mart still enjoyed a visit from us to get chocolate pop-tarts and a fishing license (which Brent still doesn’t have thanks to the dept of transportation, but that’s for another post). Here’s the family pictures:
Week 14 Lemon. I’m covering the box so you can only see the lemon. BTW, we are on the longest pier on the Gulf Coast. It opened today after Bob Riley cut the ribbon. We’re not fanatics or anything of piers. The weather was a little overcast, so we checked out the pier. Fish guts and rednecks galore.
“The pier is for fishing, not french kissing!” Name that movie.
Week 15 Apple. From the left: Me, Ben (brother), Brent, TH (cousin). Ben and TH are 100% redneck and proud of it.
So I realized tonight how much I LOVE seafood when I couldn’t eat any of it! We went to our favorite restuarant down here, Shrimp Basket, and I always get shrimp skewers and crab claws. Not tonight. Chicken fingers for me please 🙂
Random: (which provides all my baby updates, including the food for the week) informed me yesterday, on my Week 15 update, that I had “probably gained 5 pounds.” Please! Wouldn’t that be wonderful if I had only gained 5 pounds by now?!

2 thoughts on “Family Food Portrait Week 14 and 15

  • I am so excited for you guys. I love the idea of taking pictures with food. You should really check out Burlington Coat factory for cheap maturity cloths. I got a lot of my clothing from their for a great price. They also have a great baby section too.

  • I totally understand about the length of jeans (or any pant really). We're about the same height, right?! I'm also too tall for petite and too short for the regulars.

    I love all the family food pictures. I'll have to remember that idea!

    The shrimp basket….isn't that what we got on our Cohort C trip?! It was yummyyyyy!

    Hope you've enjoyed your vacay! Love you!

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