It’s a girl!

Lillian Reese is her name. We don’t know what we are calling her yet (Lily, Reese, or Lily Reese). I’m all about a double name and Brent is completely against a double name, so we’ll see what happens! She is named after my deceased grandfather’s mom, Lillian. I never knew her, but she raised a wonderful man and he was a wonderful grandfather to me. The picture above is of Pop Pop and me Christmas 2007, right after Brent and I got engaged. He passed away in April of that year. Please ignore the bad picture quality and the shiny glare in my eyes. I’ve liked the name Reese for at least a year and knew I wanted my first daughter to be named Reese. But, since it’s one syllable it needs to be a middle name (in most situations). I also wanted to use a family name. Lillian is what we liked the most, and really the only name that worked with Reese from both sides of our family. As it turns out, my mother-in-law, Teresa, is frequently called Reese by her dad and brother, so I guess we are using two family names. Brent didn’t like the name Lillian when I first mentioned it to him (we were going with Madelyn Reese at the time) but now that it’s official that we are having a girl, he LOVES the name and he is already wrapped around her tiny little fingers. She was 13 oz. on Monday and her heart rate was 148. She is about the size of a banana (in length). Sorry we haven’t been keeping up with our family food portraits…it’s just like housework, once I get behind a little bit, I’m completely unmotivated to catch up and I get even further behind. I’m not a quitter though…yet. Maybe we’ll find time this weekend to catch up…maybe.
And for the poll results…

Looks like the SUV won the polls, but they are now closed. We originally anticipated it taking longer to find what we wanted…we have until September 10th to turn in the lease. I appreciate everyone’s educated comments, suggestions, advice on the issue. Your comments were all considered when making our decision and the decision has finally been made. My father-in-law is a car salesman and found us a fabulous deal on a….VAN! It’s a 2005 Honda Odyssey. Not only is the price just right, we are getting brand spankin’ new leather, new brakes, new tires, and of course it will be shiny and clean when we pick it up Tuesday. We wanted something that was probably too large now, but that we could grow in to, at an affordable price and this particular van was right on the money. We looked at plenty of SUV’s, but none of them ever felt like they were the right choice. If we went with an SUV, it would have to be a large SUV (ex. Ford Expedition or Toyota Sequoia) and quite frankly, I’m so short, I would need stairs to get a car seat/child in and out. It wouldn’t be practical for me. And as far as my reputation goes…as my Cohort C girls know (because I always drive my mom’s or grandmother’s van when we go on trips together)…I’ve already proven that I can be a cool mom in a van. My mom and both grandmother’s drive vans and I think they are pretty cool moms. So I know Lily Reese will be a happy camper 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  • Love this post! And I just LOVE that little girl's name! I can't wait to meet her! : )

    We seriously need a trip to break in the new van before it's all Lily Reese's! : )

  • Thank you for including Bill in the excitement over Lillian Reese. Even though he isn't here in person, I feel he is here in spirit and would feel blessed to see his picture with you on your blog. He would have been a wonderful great grandfather and would have loved that little baby girl to pieces! And, yes, your mother and grandmothers look cool driving their vans and you will too! Love ya, Granny Rosie

  • Congratulations again! Lillian Reese is the perfect name for a beautiful addition to your family.

    P.S. I love the reasoning behind choosing Lillian as her name!

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