Lily’s Twelfth Month

Yep…you read it right. An entire year has passed since our sweet Lily was welcomed into the world. It’s not only unbelievable, it’s incomprehensible. The thought that you have been ours for 365 days is not something that I can wrap my head around just yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my brain around any age you will ever be. You’ll always be my baby girl.
You’ll grow up, get your ears pierced, have slumber parties with friends, drive a car, get a broken heart, go to the movies without me, get your first job, talk back to me, argue with me, think my rules are ridiculous, stomp up the stairs to your bedroom and slam your door, become more and more independent, graduate high school and college, walk down the aisle in white, have babies and move away…

but in my mind there is an image of you I will never forget. 
And the way that I felt that day, the moment I met you,  is the way I will feel forever. 

What an incredible joy and absolute honor to be your mother (and I’m SURE that if your dad ever wrote blog posts, he would say the same). This year has been challenging, painful, emotional, tiresome, stressful, scary, and nerve-wracking. This year has been full of spit up (lots of it), throw up, pee, snot, poop of all textures, butt paste, baths, lotion, finger nail clipping, bibs, snot suckers, antibiotics, shots, etc.

This year has been hilarious, joyful, full of love, full of happy tears, and covered in an abundance of blessings. I never imagined my life could get any better but it does every time I see your wide, toothless grin and hear the patter of your hands on the floor as you chase after me. Besides Jesus and your Daddy, you are the BEST thing that ever happened to me. There is only one thing I would change about this year…I want to do this one more time.

But one more time would never be enough.

Firsts: Graduation ceremony, Christmas/White Christmas, Galaxy of Lights, cup of whole milk, pink eye

News Headlines: Auburn wins SEC championship and goes to BCS title game, Cam Newton wins Heisman

Favorite Toy: Jasper–a monkey from Build a Bear that Daddy bought Mommy when they were newly dating.  You love him because he is your size. Anytime you are fussy or we need to divert your attention, he’s our go-to-guy. You get so excited every time you see him!

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: Making you laugh. We have found your tickle spots! Under your chin and the back of your legs. And I think you actually like to be tickled. Anytime you lie on your back, we come tickle you under your chin and you just cackle! You like to be chased and we know when you are ready for a game of chase because you crawl into the kitchen or down the hall, then stop and turn around to see if we are following you. Daddy chases you, tickling the back of your legs while you try to stay ahead of him. You squeal and think it’s the funniest thing that ever happened.

Milestones: No more bottles for you! Only sippy cups. You are still not walking or standing independently and I’ve decided you aren’t ever getting anymore teeth 🙂 You are more comfortable walking around while holding on to sturdy objects. I think you would be able to stand alone, you just don’t know it yet. You are in a size 3 diaper and 12 month clothes.

Weight/Length: 19lbs, 10 oz; 28.5 inches, head circumference 46 cm. You are tiny, long, and have a big head 🙂

Like Mommy: Your daddy says moodiness…but I disagree 🙂

Like Daddy: You like to have your wrists and palms rubbed. You even move your hand around to hit the right spot.

Best Memory: You were at the point where you never wanted to be rocked before you went to sleep…you’d rather just lay down and go to sleep on your own. But sometimes, you’ll be still enough for us to rock you before we lay you down for the night. Rocking you always creates memories. Another memory has to be our first Christmas morning as a family, even though it was on December 23rd.

Biggest Challenge: I think it’s the same as last month’s challenge…bath time. Something about water in your face makes you absolutely have a fit. And no amount of toys can make it better.

How We Spend the Day: Thankfully, this month has provided many opportunities for me to stay at home with you so some of our days have been a little out of the ordinary. You eat 3 times a day with a snack between lunch and dinner. You are still taking 2 naps a day, usually from 9:30-11ish and again from 2:30-5ish. Then, you are in bed around 8. If we are at home for the day, you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7:30. You hold on the the entertainment center and dance and of course you smile big every time you see Minnie. One of our days was spent helping Beth (a teacher at Mommy’s school) get the nursery ready for her first baby Samuel. The 2 days leading up to Christmas were spent hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. We had pajama days a lot…because there’s no reason to get out of your pj’s if you aren’t going anywhere! You went with Daddy to his Christmas party at work.

Funniest Moment: You growled at another baby in the nursery at church when he/she tried to take “your” toy.

New Explorations: Crawling through places that are too tight, letting Sanibel out of her crate in the morning, opening and closing anything that will open and close, throwing your cup on the floor when you are done with your milk, reaching out and making a grunting sound when you want something.

Food: You are pretty much eating anything we put on your tray. You still eat 3rd foods for meals at daycare because it’s just easier that way. You also normally eat 2nd foods mixed with cereal for breakfast in the morning. Your FAVORITE food in the entire world is bananas. Oh my do you love a banana and you would probably eat the whole thing if we let you, but you usually have to share with Mommy because she loves them too. You also love cheese. Surprisingly, you like tortilla soup from Cheddar’s too! I’m hoping to teach you healthy eating habits…and sneak in a little chocolate when necessary 🙂

Words: Your most frequent word, and by frequent I mean ALL the time, is “uh-oh”. You say it with a worried face and put the emphasis on the wrong syllable so that it sounds like a question. You say it at the right times, mainly when you drop something. And you purposely drop things so that you have more opportunities to say
it. One time you even said it when you tooted….HILARIOUS! You also say bye bye, dada, mama, and something that sounds like baby.

How We Celebrated: Mommy and Daddy took you to Cracker Barrel for a birthday breakfast. We had your first birthday party at Granny Rosie’s house with family and friends. We celebrated Minnie Mouse style since she is your favorite 🙂 Birthday post will be up soon.

Eating your favorite Christmas book. You love the scratch the prickly tree. 

Helping Mommy and Daddy pick out a Christmas tree. 

Family pic with the tree we chose

Look at your little belly 🙂

Getting cracked up because Sanibel is having a fit about being in her crate. 

Reading the Christmas cards

This is as close as you would get to our tree. You weren’t afraid of it, just didn’t care to get any closer. 

You chewed a hole through the AU seal on Kristen H’s graduation announcement. 

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Playing tug o’ war with Sanibel. She thinks Jasper (the stuffed monkey) is hers. 

Silly faces with Mommy and Daddy

Opening your first Christmas present a little early. This gift is from one of Mommy’s students at school. 

It’s a tea party book!

With your Aunt Katie after her graduation from UAB

Oh boy…you have Sanibel’s toy and Sanibel has your sock

Talking to Jasper about something serious

Getting sleepy drinking from your cup!

A favorite game of yours…flying on Daddy’s leg 🙂 

Reading on Christmas day

You in your pretty Christmas dress

Lily’s First Christmas

Our Christmas festivities started on Wednesday, December 22nd. We went out to eat to Longhorn then to Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens. Lily loved looking at all the lights!

On Thursday morning, we went to breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Brent and I went last year on Christmas Eve (my one Christmas outing since I was confined to the bed) and we decided to take Lily this year and make it a yearly tradition. Since we do most of our Christmas events in Bham, it’s important that we start our own traditions as a family before we head out of town. Santa came early and brought Lily her gifts that night.

On Christmas Eve morning, Lily crawled into the den to see what Santa left for her under the tree. Santa brought her a reading chair, a walker, and a stocking full of goodies. Mommy and Daddy gave her a sweater dress with leggings, Veggies Tales Ultimate Silly Songs, and a laptop. We ate biscuits and chocolate syrup for breakfast then Brent read the Christmas story and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. After breakfast, we packed up and headed South.

Christmas Eve night we did Christmas with the Milstead side of the family, complete with steak and baked potatoes for dinner and a visit from Santa Claus on the fire truck (that Lily didn’t appreciate!). Although Lily got plenty of gifts, including a cute outfit and a shelf for her room, her favorite gift was Cleveland’s UNO Flash game. After dinner and gifts we headed to the VK’s house to spend the night.

On Christmas morning we woke up early to see what Santa brought to the VK household. Lily got a LeapFrog puppy that sings and can even say her name. Lily loves to snuggle with her puppy. She also got a turtle she can sit on and also sings and teaches shapes/ABCs. Lily isn’t tall enough to sit on the turtle, so she holds onto it and dances to the music, bouncing and swaying. We had breakfast casserole, grits, and monkey bread. By mid morning it was snowing and sticking, so it was Lily’s first white Christmas (and everyone else for that matter)! It snowed A LOT more at our house, but I’m thankful for the little that stuck here.

On Christmas afternoon, we went to Granny Rosie’s house for Christmas with the Wrights. Lily got a playhouse, a cooking toy, books, clothes, and a new car seat (which hasn’t actually been purchased yet because we can’t make a decision on what we want!). Lily took a long nap in the middle of opening presents (it takes quite a while to get all presents opened at Granny Rosie’s house…especially when you have 2 missing gifts and have to dump the 3 bags of trash out and rummage through everything looking for them only to find them in Ben’s jacket pockets). After presents, we ate the traditional meal with turkey, ham, dressing, green beans, sweet potato casserole, corn pudding, pineapple casserole, Cobb salad, deviled eggs, pies, and the BEST tea ever made in the South.

It’s What Saint Nick Would Want

Brent and I have recently had many discussions as to how we want to handle Santa Claus around here. We want Lily to be more excited about the birth of Jesus than Santa Claus. So do we just ignore the jolly man, do we include him and let her find out when she’s old enough that he isn’t real, or do we just tell her from the get go that he isn’t real but still imagine that he is?

We decided we can’t ignore him. It’s impossible in the culture we live in. A child has such a wonderful imagination that is God-given. To not even mention his name would be to steal from her an imagination that is meant to glorify God. 

Our parents did such a wonderful job of making Christmas about Jesus, but still incorporating Santa Claus into the gift-giving. I have so many wonderful memories of waiting in the hallway with Ben–for what seemed like days–for Dad to get the video camera set up before we ran into the den to see what Santa brought us. One Christmas he brought me a Sony CD Player with my first CD “Songs from the Loft” which had songs by Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Sandy Patty, etc. I nearly killed my brother (who was only 2 or 3) when I first saw it. Couldn’t get to it fast enough.

I used to love “hearing” the reindeer on the roof. It’s funny what your imagination has the ability to do–convince you that something is real. Even after I didn’t believe anymore, I still heard Rudolph on the roof.

We’ve decided we can’t tell Lily he is real and let her find out later that we’ve been lying to her. That would do such harm to us telling her about Jesus, who she can’t even see.

With a lot of thought and after reading this article, we are going to tell her the history of St. Nick. We will explain to her that he was a Christian that served others and faithfully loved Jesus. He also liked to give gifts to other people. His death marked the St. Nick holiday where people began to give gifts to each other in his memory. That holiday is so close to Christmas, that it eventually became a Christmas tradition. We give gifts to others because we have received the ultimate gift, a Savior. We will allow her to imagine and pretend he is real. We will go to the mall and get pictures with Santa, we will leave cookies out for him on Christmas Eve (another excuse to bake and eat cookies), we will read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and listen for the reindeer on the roof.

She will imagine the fanciful, but most importantly, she will know that the God we serve became a human named Jesus, who was tempted in all ways but was without sin, who suffered death on a cross so that she may be saved from the sin that entangles her, who is risen and has given us the Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts. 

We will make Him a birthday cake, sing happy birthday, read the Christmas story, and celebrate His gift, not our gifts, on Christmas Day.

Don’t you think that’s what St. Nick would want anyway?

A Comedy of Errors

Last Christmas, Brent waited until the last minute to order one of my Christmas presents. He got it from Amazon and in order to receive the gift in time, he signed us up for the Prime Shipping Club because he would get free 2 day shipping. The club costs $75 a year and it guarantees free 2 day shipping on most items. His plan was to cancel the club before they charged the credit card. But he forgot. So, for the past year, we have tried to make as many purchases on Amazon as possible to justify the $75 club membership.

Now jump to November 29, 2010. We ordered 6 items from Amazon for Christmas presents. One item had to be shipped separately because it was back-ordered and wasn’t even expected to be here by Christmas. To our surprise, the back-ordered item arrived a few days later. We began to wonder where our 5 other items were. We gave it a few more days and Brent decided to chat online with an Amazon customer service rep. Brent explained that we ordered this and that on the 29th with 2 day shipping and the stuff still isn’t here. The rep told us to wait until December 3. That would be understandable except for the fact that it was December 5. We were told to wait a few more days, then call FedEx if the items still had not arrived. A few days later and there was no FedEx package waiting at our door. Brent called FedEx who explained the shipping label fell off and they lost our package, and not only did they lose our package the also unpacked everything in the package and all of our items are unmarked and scattered throughout their building. First of all, how did the shipping label “fall off” if the entire thing is a sticker? Second of all, why did FedEx unpack the items? Brent gave a description of the items and that was that. The next day, the same FedEx lady called Brent back and asked for another description of the items, specifically the books. He explained that two of the books are this and that (Can’t tell you in case you are the one receiving these gifts). Then he said that the other two books are Bibles, one is the ESV study Bible and one is an ESV thinline leather Bible. She asked for the author of the books. Brent wasn’t sure how to accurately answer that question. Does he say “God” or “Isaiah, Moses, Luke, John, Solomon, David, Paul”? None of those answers would give the girl what she was looking for. So he just said, “There isn’t an author on the cover of the book.” “Well sir,” said FedEx lady, “I can’t send you your books unless I know the author.” Brent proceeded to give her a very brief lesson on Bible history and 2 Timothy 3:16, trying his best to help her understand that although God is the author of the Bible, the front cover does not say “by God”. A book with no byline??? Not possible! Brent gave her every piece of information she would need other than an author to help her identify the correct Bible. The conversation concluded that we weren’t getting our books because there was no author and FedEx didn’t want to send us something we didn’t order.

Two days later, Brent gets a call from the same lady saying that our items have been found and should be arriving that day. Sure enough, I get home from work and there are 2 FedEx boxes on our front porch. Excited to finally have our gifts, I open the boxes…

Box 1:  2 of the other books we ordered (so far, so good)

Box 2:  The ESV study Bible (check), another book like those above that we didn’t order and looks like it’s been eaten by a dog (so they sent us one too many, not a big deal), and THIRTY-FIVE Spanish Bible study books on Revelation…and I just start LOLing for real!

How in the world did “ESV Study Bible” or “ESV thinline leather Bible” translate into 35 study books in Spanish???

Brent gets back on the phone with FedEx and they instruct us to tape up the unwanted items to be picked up the next day. He then calls Amazon and explains the whole thing to them. They say they are going to send the items we never received, unfortunately one of them is now out of stock.

We found it somewhere else for more money and had to pay for shipping…but oh well…this mess is over! 

I just have to laugh at these situations. There was plenty of reason to get irritated, but hello!…we ordered Bibles. How would that look? An irritated Christian to someone who doesn’t even know that God wrote the Bible. The people at FedEx were very nice and helpful, so I do not want to discourage you from using them. We will still order from Amazon, just not as often. Our club membership is almost expired. I’m hoping the lady at FedEx is at least a little curious about the Bible and will get her hands on one and read it. If she looks hard enough, she’ll probably find one of ours sitting around somewhere.

Christmas from a Mother’s Perspective

To say I love Christmas is an understatement. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I love everything about the whole season: the food, family, friends, laughter, lights, music, shopping, gift giving and receiving, etc. I even like the weather when it’s cold and gray.

Most importantly, I love Christmas because it is a celebration of the birth of my Savior. My Savior–born in a filthy manger. “He had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53: 2-5

This year, I have a new reason to love Christmas. Lily. It would be normal for me to not like the fact that Lily’s birthday is 3 days after Christmas because it makes the season more hectic and she has to share her birthday with a major holiday. However, that’s not how I feel. I adore the fact that she gets to celebrate her birthday with Jesus. Two miracles to celebrate.

I was on bedrest for the majority of December last year. I filled my time with plenty of Gilmore Girl episodes, facebook, reading books, napping, etc. Many times, I found myself lying in the bed listening to a few Christmas songs over and over again and just squalling. I understand that my hormones were a little out of whack, but for the most part the tears were genuine. I cried because I was so overwhelmed and humbled that the Lord would choose me to carry His child and raise His child. I cried at how blessed I was to even conceive a child and how blessed I was that as long as I rested I would be able to carry His child a little longer until she was fully developed. I cried because I eagerly anticipated holding His child for the first time. I cried because I thought about what she looked like, how much she weighed, what His plans are for her future. I cried because my life was about to be different, much different, and I couldn’t truly imagine what was to come.

I thought a lot about Mary. She was carrying the Savior of the world. She was a virgin. She was engaged. Her Son would suffer immensely to make a final sacrifice for the sins of the world. And the Lord chose her.

I felt for once in my life I was able to empathize with Mary. If I felt this strongly about carrying and raising Lily, imagine the depth of those same feelings that Mary felt carrying and raising Jesus.

That’s what makes this time of year so wonderful. The perspective of Christmas through a mother’s eyes makes Jesus, Lily, and the whole season even more precious. Every time I hear a Christmas song or feel the cold wind under a gray sky, I will forever be reminded of the gift of a Savior and the gift of a child. I love having a Christmas baby 🙂

The first video below was my favorite one to boohoo to last year, Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything”. The second one is my new favorite this year, Mercy Me’s “Joseph’s Lullaby”.

Lily’s Eleventh Month

We were still at Nona’s house when we took your picture, so we put you in her rocking chair from when she was a little girl. 

One more month, Lily, and you will be 365 days old. Has a year already passed? It’s very difficult to wrap my brain around that thought. Surely you are still a teeny tiny baby! You aren’t though; you are becoming more and more independent each day. Watching you go from dependent on us for absolutely everything to being able to do so many things on your own has been amazing. You a such a sweet sweet joy in our lives and God blessed us tremendously from the moment we saw two pink lines to now and many many more years in the future. 

Firsts: Halloween; Trunk or Treat (you dressed as a ballerina); decorating the house for Christmas; Thanksgiving with the VKs, Wrights, and Milsteads; trip to Gary Springs; sitting on the 4-wheeler (no rides just yet); Black Friday experience (You were not allowed to come with Mommy from 4am to 8pm but Daddy brought you by the Galleria for a little while); Iron Bowl. 

News Headlines: San Francisco Giants win the World Series, Cam Newton is being investigated by the NCAA because of allegations between an “agent” and Mississippi State, Auburn wins the SEC West and the Iron Bowl 28-27, Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement (and that they will marry in April). I stole these from Rebecca because I always ask your Daddy for these and he is asleep 🙂 

Favorite Toy: Anyone’s cell phone or laptop

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: The way you wave and say hello. You stick your hand out in the air and say “A”. You wave to us when we come to get you out of the crib in the morning, you wave to Sanibel when you first see her in the morning and when we get home from school, you wave to any and every picture and mirror you see. One of your favorite things to do is look at yourself in the car window when we are about to put you in your car seat. You recognize yourself for sure and you are starting to recognize other people you know…but whether you know them or not, you wave and say “A”. The Sunday after Thanksgiving (today) you and another boy, Cash, were “talking” and you waved and said “A” over and over again and you kept trying to touch his hands. 

Milestones: You are completely crawling (no more scooting!); you can pull up and walk across whatever you are holding onto; I wish I could say you had more teeth but I would be a liar, still only 2 bottom teeth; Size 3 diaper and 9-12 month clothes, although your pants are always falling off because you don’t have a fat tummy to hold them up 🙂 You carry your weight in your thighs…this is the only time you can appreciate having big thighs. 

Weight/Length: 19 pounds, but I have no clue about the ounces. You’ve been sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks and have had no appetite due to the antibiotics you were on so I assume you lost some weight. Probably 30 inches long. 

Like Mommy: You like to dance to Elvis’s Christmas album. 

Like Daddy: When you are sick, all you want to do is sleep.

Best Memory: You’ve been saying bye bye for a while now, but not always at the right time. One morning when Mommy dropped you off at daycare, she said bye to you and you immediately responded with a “bye bye” and a wave. Now you say it on command every time. You say it when you see Mommy packing your diaper bag and when you can sense we are about to go somewhere, you crawl to the door and say bye bye and wave. Another favorite memory was when you were sick and you felt so awful that you would just let us hold and snuggle with you. It reminded us of when you were an infant and we could hold you all day and never want to move. 

Biggest Challenge: You had an ear infection that kept you feeling sick for almost 3 weeks. You ran high fever (104) for a week and were sick at your stomach from the Omnicef (I will request to never have that again!) The medicine took a while to get completely out of your system, so even after the infection was gone, you still had upset stomachs and no desire to eat anything. You were very fussy and slept a lot. Anyone that knows you knows that you never fuss (unless we are bathing you or changing your clothes) so the fact that you were fussy most of the time made it obvious that you were very sick. 

How We Spend the DayOur days haven’t changed much since last month. We are up early, Mommy drops you off at daycare (which you LOVE and it makes things a little easier on Mommy and Daddy to know you enjoy it), we are home by 4:30, we play until it’s time to cook dinner, you play in your high chair or crawl around while Mommy cooks and talks to you about what she is making, Daddy comes home around 6 and we all eat dinner together, then it’s bath time, story time, and bed time by 8.

Funniest Moment: This is more like the grossest moment. Like I said before, the medicine you were on while you were sick really messed up your stomach. One day after school, we pulled into the garage and I got you out of the car. When I picked you up, I thought you felt very hot and wondered if you had a fever again. Then, I was putting you on the floor in the den and realized my arm was soaking wet with what I call poop juice (because there was nothing solid about your poop). I looked at you and you were covered in it! Needless to say, I immediately stripped you down and bathed you. A day or two later, we woke up and brought you into our room to play because Mommy didn’t have school due to the Thanksgiving holidays. The first thing you did was crawl straight to Sanibel’s crate and let her out (which we didn’t know you could do) and Sanibel threw up bright orange liquid all over our white rug. So, Mommy cleaned that up as best she could then fed you a bottle. You then threw up that bottle all over the den, and crawled through it. Mommy needed to quickly change you, so she put a towel over the throw up so Sanibel wouldn’t bother it. Unfortunately, Sanibel did find it because when we returned to the den after changing your clothes, there was no evidence of you throwing up.

New Explorations: Now that you can pull up on anything, one of your favorite activities is to pull up on the glass front door or the windows in the sun room at TBone and Nona’s house. You then lick the windows from top to bottom and cover the windows in slobber. You are becoming more and more mobile and you crawl VERY fast when you are excited about something. 

Food: You are still eating mostly Gerber 2nd foods. You aren’t a big fan of 3rd foods because the chunky texture bothers you. But, if I put chunks of fruit or veggies in the 2nd foods, you eat it just fine. If you are feeling well, you will eat anything we put on your tray. I try to make at least one thing for dinner every night that you can eat. We found out today that you love Jim N Nicks cheese muffins. You also helped Grandma Reese finish her BBQ potato buy putting a handful of the potato in your hand and eating one bite at a time. 

Words: I think it’s safe to say that “bye bye” was your first word. You also get Sanibel’s attention by saying in a raspy voice “buh buh buh”. 

How We Celebrated: We were still in Birmingham for Thanksgiving, so we attended Christ City Church that morning, then went to Jim N Nick’s for lunch with the VKs and Wrights. 

With Miriam, Michelle, and Esther at Trunk or Treat

With Mommy and Katie at Trunk or Treat

Not sure what to think about The Joker from “The Dark Knight” (Josh Coffman) 

Lily as a witch…you don’t make a very good one and that’s okay with me. 

Walking through the hay maze with Mommy

You with the Prince and Princess’s (Nathan, Caitlyn, Hannah, Katie, and Jack) 

I hope this is a sign of the things to come. You love “doing laundry”.

All done and proud of your accomplishment!

Mommy and Daddy’s favorite picture of you this month. It’s also the picture we chose for our Christmas card (shh, don’t ruin the surprise)

A very sick, tired, unhappy Lily 

Daddy makes it all better 🙂 

Playing with the remote…imagine that! Love these PJ’s 🙂 

After decorating the house for Christmas
Our tree isn’t up yet so we’ll post those pics for your next blog. 

Your Halloween craft from daycare (We realize that your name is going to misspelled more than it will be spelled correctly and I’m just going to have to get over it)

Your thanksgiving craft from the nursery at church 

Standing up watching TV 

Sweet Lily Boo…as cute as her Aunt Katie 🙂 

Eating the glass door, waiting for Daddy to get home so we can leave for Thanksgiving break!

“Mommy, when are we leaving?” 

Your extended VK family came to visit you while we were home for Thanksgiving. This is you and your second cousin Leah. 

You and Uncle Greg 

You and Aunt Rita (Grandaddy’s sister). Daddy says she makes the best Chicken N Dumplin’s and Pralines. 

Getting a little fussy by this point. This is you and your second cousin, Josh. 

Mommy wanted you to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but you were too interested in pulling up on the end table to watch Uncle Ben play his game on the computer. 

Helping Uncle Ben play his game

Trying to get you to pull the wishbone, but you wouldn’t even touch it. 

Sticking out your tongue is your new defense when you are refusing to do something

The three of us at the VK Thanksgiving

Playing with Aunt Katie and Uncle Ryan

You with Grandma Reese 

Excited about your toys!

You finally warmed up to Uncle Quinton after he played Minnie Mouse with you

Playing on the floor with Aunt Leslie

Sleepy girl in Granny Rosie’s arms

Licking the window at Nona’s house

You and your Great Great Aunt Rena

Sitting on the 4-wheeler in Gary Springs at the Milstead Thanksgiving. This is before you starting screaming.
All your redneck uncles (LaDaryl, Ben, TH, Cleveland) really wanted you to ride! 

The three of us in Gary Springs 

Four generations of silly women 

Mommy and her sweet Lily Boo

This is what a redneck Thanksgiving looks like. The main event is not the turkey and dressing, but getting to shoot guns and ride dirt bikes and 4-wheelers after lunch. 

Playing with your Great Aunt Sandra 

Playing with your Uncle Cleveland (really, he is your 2nd cousin) 

Playing with Uncle TH (again, your 2nd cousin) 

Reading a Christmas book with Mom

Saying “A” to Pop Pop…your great grandfather who passed away in April 2007. You are named after his mother, Lillian. You took his picture off the table and started talking him and kissing him. It was SO sweet 🙂 

Everyone trying to make you smile for a Wright family picture

What it looks like from the other side when you lick the windows

TH, Cleveland, you, Daddy, Ben 

Pretty blue eyes 🙂