Lily’s First Month

Firsts: Everything has been a first for you! Here are some of the BIG firsts. First snow, first Auburn game (on TV), first dog kiss, first photography session, first bottle, first trip to get ice cream, first stuffy nose, first bath

News Headlines: Earthquake in Haiti leaving hundreds of thousands of Haitians either dead or without any water/food/shelter/clothing. Republican Scott Brown wins senate seat in Massachusetts, beating Democrat Martha Coakley.

Favorite Toy: Baby Einstein music and color toy. Your Uncle Ben gave this to you for Christmas. It teaches you the primary colors in English, Spanish, and French! You also LOVE to watch the fan (even though you haven’t seen it spin yet).

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: The facial expressions you make when you are falling asleep…smiles, frowns, lips in the shape of an “O” like you are surprised, and sticking out your tongue. You LOVE your tongue and have since the second you were born. We also love your beautiful big blue eyes. We could stare at you all day long. You are a beautiful creation of your Heavenly Father!

Milestones: You are holding your head up for longer periods of time each day, you can follow sounds, you are doing a much better job of burping while eating.

Weight/Length: around 8 pounds, 21 inches

Like Mommy: The way you sleep with your hands by your face and your tongue curled to your upper lip.

Like Daddy: Your dark straight hair and those trademark VK chubby baby cheeks!

Best Memory: The moment I heard the doctor say, “We have a baby girl!” There you were, my beautiful sweet bundle of joy. And all these late night feedings will one day be wonderful memories and, surprisingly, I will miss being up at all odd hours of the night with you.

Biggest Challenge: Bedtime and taking your paci…you can spit that thing out so hard that I hear it hit the side of the cradle.

How we spend the day: You eat around 6 or 7 in the morning, then you and Mommy go back to sleep until the next feeding, 3 or 4 hours later. After the other daytime feedings, Mommy dances with you, sings to you, plays with you, attempts tummy time even though you don’t enjoy it, and reads to you. Then you take a nap while Mommy gets things done around the house. Daddy gets home around 6 and he takes care of the next two feedings while Mommy gets dinner ready. This past Monday, I took you to see Daddy at work.

Funniest Moment: You projectile pooped on Daddy. It got all over his shirt, pants, and the rug in your room.

How we celebrated your first month: Daddy surprised both of us with flowers and a cookie cake!

Lily, you have brought so much joy in our lives in just one month. I can’t imagine how much joy we will have as the months and years go on. Your Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know and more than we can comprehend. And what’s even better is that your Heavenly Father loves you even more than that. That’s a lot of love for one little girl! I thank God everyday that you are a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We are blessed beyond measure to have the privilege of raising you. You are a precious gift! We love you!

Here are some highlights from your first month.

Mommy and Daddy in the OR waiting for you to greet the world!

Mommy’s first time to see you!

Wearing the bonnet that Rebecca gave you. Unfortunately, your head was too tiny and you didn’t wear it home. Mommy is saving it for your wedding day!

Dressed for your first Auburn game!

First family picture–Sanibel didn’t cooperate, imagine that!

Wearing the “VK” onesie that Ashley made for you!

After bath time, wearing your frog towel.
Wearing your first big bow, given to you by Aunt Katie.

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