Jesus Is Worth It

I watched this video and couldn’t help but ask myself,

What in my life shows others that Jesus is worth it?

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a mission trip to Las Higuerillas, Mexico with To Every Tribe Ministries (TETM) the summer before my senior year at Auburn. Words can’t explain how the trip changed my life. No running water, no toilet, no shower, no electricity, 125 + degree weather, sleeping in tents on the sand, week old spaghetti that sat out in the open air kitchen for leftovers, and none of that bothered me. In fact, it didn’t even cross my mind. I was compelled by His love to reach the unreached and the lack of what we as Americans think of as necessities made situations humorous instead of inconvenient. TETM sent out a few of their missionaries, including some of our friends, to Haiti today. Here is the Haiti blog if you want to keep up and be praying for the team.

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