Gettin’ the toilet scrubbed before I have a glass of tea!

Check out my mom’s new food blog here and find out why I have this blog title! We watched “Julie and Julia” this weekend while I was at home and now she is inspired to challenge herself to a food blog. Brent jokingly suggested she blog her way through the Philadelphia Baptist Church cookbook (a.k.a. Philly) and that is exactly what she has done. Coincidentally, my mom’s name is Phyliss, so I have called it the “Phylly and Philly Blog”. She started with the best Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe known to man and it happens to be my aunt’s recipe—yes, that would be Uncle LaDaryl’s wife, I have to give him a plug when I can! If you want some YUMMY recipes from some good ol’ southern Baptist women, put her blog on your blog roll and visit it frequently. And…leave a comment. Maybe if she knows people are reading her blog, she’ll be more motivated to keep up the challenge!

2 thoughts on “Gettin’ the toilet scrubbed before I have a glass of tea!

  • I went and am now following your mom's blog! I love new recipes, and church cookbooks are always awesome. Brent's comment cracked me up (about playing himself in the “Phylly and Philly” movie). You've got me really wanting to see “Julie and Julia”.

  • thanks for my blog plug. Now that I am a blogger I have learned how to comment. I still don't know how to become an official “follower” though.

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