Lily’s Second Month

A very unhappy 2 month old. Yes, she is wearing the same outfit she had on in the one month picture. The outfit is almost too small. I was getting her ready for bed and already had the outfit on her before I realized it was the same one…not a good enough reason to hassle with changing her clothes again!

Lily, your second month was BUSY! You and Mommy spent the first two weeks in Birmingham. The first week Daddy was in Missouri for work and the second week Mommy had a conference for work in Birmingham. You got to visit SO many people! We stayed with Nana No Name and T-Bone, but we also saw your Grandma Reese and Grandaddy a lot too! T-Bone had surgery to remove a football sized tumor and had 61 staples as a result…that made our stay extra eventful!

Firsts: trip away from home; non-relative babysitter (Pam Tindal); trip to Philadelphia Baptist Church (the church that Mommy and Daddy grew up in and where they got married); trip to LLBC (your home church); trip to a restaurant (Five Guys); you met your cousins TH and Cleveland and your Uncle LaDaryl; nap in your own bed; you met Mommy’s friends Ashley and Brian; Valentine’s Day; Lilies (Daddy got them for you for Valentine’s Day); playdate with Brennan (he was born the same day you were in the same hospital); diaper rash (now we use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste everytime we change your diaper!); trip to Mommy’s school; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th snow; double ear infection; meeting some of the Ranch boys; birthday party (we celebrated Daddy’s 26th birthday at Dreamland BBQ); dose of amoxicillin; shopping trip

News Headlines: Winter Olympics in Vancouver; student at Discovery Middle School shot and killed; 3 faculty members at UAH shot and killed by Amy Bishop; a crazy amount of Toyota recalls; earthquake in Chile and Argentina

Favorite Toy: you still love your Baby Einstein musical toy; you love music–it soothes you; your rattle, which you can hold with help but you haven’t figured out how to shake it yet

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: your bright, alert blue eyes, long eyelashes, and beautiful smile. You are a GORGEOUS girl! We also LOVE to watch you sleep.

Milestones: you can hold a toy with help; you have grown out of all your preemie and NB clothes and even some of your 0-3 month onesies; you finally graduated to size 1 diapers and can even wear size 2 diapers if needed (WOW, that’s a lot of growing!); you are holding your head up even more and beginning to support yourself sitting up; you are sleeping better through the night, getting up only once to eat; you are taking 5-6 oz of formula at your bedtime feeding, 4 oz just doesn’t suffice anymore; occasionally, you bob your head to music; you can put yourself to sleep with very little crying (I hope this lasts!)

Weight/Height: 11 lbs. 6 oz., 22 inches, head circumference 39 cm.

Like Mommy: you sleep HARD during the day and are a very light sleeper at night (probably because you grunt like a Billy Goat all night long, that’s why we call you “Lily Goat”); your long tongue, fingers, and toes

Like Daddy: your big toe and your cowlick

Best Memory: Mommy sterilized 2 teething rings with some of your bottles. The rings melted to the bottles and accessories and Mommy was worried about the liquid inside the rings being harmful. She called your pediatrician who led us to Poison Control who then led us to the FDA. No one had any answers, so she just threw everything away and went to Babies R Us and started all over again.

Biggest Challenge: You have been spitting up a lot more this month. You change clothes a lot during the day and Mommy has been doing tons of laundry. The spitting up is due to your double ear infection and all the drainage you’ve had. Lots of snot suckin’ goin’ on! You do NOT like that thing!

How We Spend the Day: You are getting into a routine…somewhat. You wake up at 6am and eat 4 oz. You stay awake until about 8, watching the news with Mommy and singing songs. After that you take your morning nap until around 9 or 10 and wake up to eat another 4 oz. You stay awake until your next feeding, playing with Mommy in your room and in the den. You eat again around 12 or 1 then go down for a long afternoon nap. You eat again around 4 and usually go back asleep until Daddy gets home from work. When he gets home, Mommy and Daddy eat dinner then you are hungry again. This is when you usually take 6 oz. It takes you about an hour to finish that bottle! You stay up until 9ish then we lay you down for the night. You are up one time during the night and that time varies, then you are up again at 6am to start another day! This is your typical schedule…or the schedule that your Mommy tries to have each day. Your day is this way probably 2-3 days out of the week.

Funniest Moment: There hasn’t been one particular moment that has been funny. But you sure do have some MAJOR gas and Mommy and Daddy always laugh when you pass gas! And the face you make when you are trying to poop is priceless.

How We Celebrated Your 2nd Month: We went out to eat after church then walked around the outdoor mall. We ran into Mary and Kayla while we were there and got a cookie with them!

Exciting News: Mommy’s friends Rebecca and Wesley are expecting their first child in August!

Lily, you have grown so much this month! I especially notice your growth when you grasp my finger. Your tiny little hands aren’t so tiny anymore. You have really chunked up too! You aren’t having problems with your weight like you did when we first brought you home from the hospital. You are so much fun to be around and it seems like you grow each and every day! You are loved more than any other little girl in the whole wide world! It’s hard to believe that it was only 2 months ago that we met you. Time has flown by, but at the same time it feels like you’ve always been here. You make our lives absolutely blessed.

Here are some pics from your 2nd month:

In the middle of a big yawn!

You and Cleve-O, your 2nd cousin

You and TH, another 2nd cousin

You and Ashley, Mommy’s sweet friend from college

You and Brennan on your playdate. Obviously, not a lot of “playing” happened. When you were asleep, he was awake and vice versa. Mommy enjoyed some adult company for the afternoon.

This is why we are putting you in your own bed starting tonight. When we put you in the cradle, you were laying vertically and the blanket was up to your waist. You are such a little wiggle worm and you turned yourself perpendicular in the cradle and woke yourself up by hitting your noggin’ on the side.

A sick baby 😦

Dressed up for Daddy’s birthday dinner.

Family pic on Daddy’s birthday.

You and T-Bone

I think you look like Nana No Name as a baby in this picture.

Trying to capture your smile on camera!

My favorite…wearing your dad’s Costas. You are covering it up with your arms, but your shirt says, “Cool like Dad.”

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