Lily’s Third Month

Look at you sitting up!

Lily, your third month has flown by! March rushed in and rushed out. This month has been so much fun because your personality is really starting to show! We celebrated Uncle Ryan’s birthday at Stix and Nana No Name’s birthday at Sweet Pepper’s. Mommy went back to work on the 22nd and missed you incredibly. You got to hang out with Nana No Name all day for 5 days! She loved being here with you. She read to you, sang with you, took you strolling at the mall (this is the first of many shopping trips with her), and loved on you!

Firsts: BIG smiles and excited little laughs; ooos and aahs (you are such a talker); 5th and 6th snow; ear infection in just your left ear; babysitting with Mommy; spend the night with mommy alone while daddy travels; kiss from a boy; trip to Guntersville to see PBC youth on a retreat.

News Headlines: Obama’s Health Reform passed; Auburn gets a new basketball coach, Tony Barbee

Favorite Toy: You like the mirror on your floor mat. You don’t know that it’s you, but you get excited to see the person staring back at you.

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: When you smile and talk to us! Kissing your big cheeks ๐Ÿ™‚

Milestones: YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! That is the biggest milestone yet. I never thought this day would come but it’s so neat to me that God allowed this to happen just a few nights before I went back to work! Oh, how He loves us! You started this on March 18th and have slept anywhere from 8-9 hours every night with the exception of one night. You wake up sometimes, but you aren’t hungry and you are able to put yourself back to sleep; you have found your thumb and although I prefer you to take a paci, it is nice in the middle of the night that you can soothe yourself without someone getting out of the bed to give you a paci; you are enjoying tummy time a little more these days, but you still get mad at me after only a few minutes.

Weight/Height: Just guessing since you don’t go to the doc again until May…around 12 – 12 1/2 lbs and 22-23 inches long. I think you are done playing catch up from all the weight you lost after you were born.

Like Mommy: I am seeing more and more of me in your face everyday, especially your eyes. It’s funny how some people see your daddy and some people see me. I still think you resemble baby Nana No Name too.

Like Daddy: How about UNlike Daddy…you are so cheerful in the morning. You always wake up with a great attitude. (ok, I’ll admit that this is also very unlike Mommy)

Best Memory: Carrying on a conversation with you in baby talk. You started to really talk one Sunday. You were sick with an ear infection, so you and Mommy stayed home from church. I was reading to you from Psalms. I forget what verse, but it said, “Shout for joy to the Lord” and that’s exactly what you did. I read 2-3 more chapters and you talked the entire time…no exaggeration.

Biggest Challenge: Keeping you well. There were only 2 days in your 3rd month that you didn’t have an ear infection. Thankfully, you didn’t act like you felt sick.

How We Spend the Day: Everyday is so unpredictable still. Your eating times are typically always 3-4 hours apart, but your sleeping habits are strange. There are days that you cat nap in the morning, and take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon; days that you do the opposite; days that you cat nap all day long; and days that you take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. I just play it by ear everyday. We are getting better at knowing the difference between your hungry cry and your sleepy cry, so that has become very helpful. Thankfully, you go to bed between 9-10 every night and wake up between 6-7 every morning…so we always start and end our days at the same time.

Funniest Moment: The Discovery Channel is showing a series called “Life” and you watched it with us the other night. We were learning about how the seal is prey to the killer whale and the seal must strategically hide itself to keep from being eaten. Before a commercial break, the whales were making their way to the seal and the seal was scrambling to find a safe place to hide. We didn’t know what happened to the seal until after the commercials. Your eyes were glued to that TV as if you were anxious to see the results and scared for the seal, not blinking for the entire break. You looked so relieved when you saw that the seal was safe. You also watched Clifford the Big Red Dog with Nana No Name and every time you saw him you said, “ooo ooo ooo” in a deep voice. I guess you’ve heard Sanibel bark a few times ๐Ÿ™‚

How We Celebrated Your 3rd Month: You stayed in the nursery at church for the first time! You did so good and they only had to page me once (because you were hungry and had just eaten 2 hours before). Then we ate Mexican after church. Grandma Reese is keeping you this week. She got here just in time to rock you to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

Lily, you are such a wonderful baby. You are content, happy, and you rarely cry unless you are extremely hungry or very tired. It’s hardly even a cry, you just get fussy. I know that we are blessed to have such an “easy” baby. Even though your days are a little unpredictable, your cues are easy to read. We are enjoying every minute of your precious life. We love you!

Here are some pictures from your third month:

With Uncle Ryan on his 14th birthday

Mommy and her girls on a lazy Saturday morning

An attempt at a family picture. Daddy had the camera zoomed in too far and you certainly are not happy.

Tummy time turned into a cat nap on the Boppy

You and Mom (this is your great grandmother, Nana No Name’s mom. I was her first granddaughter and she wanted me to call her “Mom” because she felt too young to be a grandmother…you are her first great granddaughter and now she is too young to be a great grandmother!)

Enjoying the Spring weather outside with Mommy and Sanibel!

Holding Sanibel’s nasty soccer ball. She has a brand new one, but she prefers this one.

Pretty girl in the sun!

Your big sister and that yucky soccer ball. Maybe one day she can teach you how to play…she loves to play soccer!

You and Grandma (this is your great grandmother, Grandma Reese’s mom). You are her 6th great grandchild.

Driving the van in the parking lot at the mall!

With Momma ‘Nita in Guntersville. She goes to church with TBone and Nana No Name.

Life is good ๐Ÿ™‚

With Nana No Name at Sweet Pepper’s for her birthday

Your first kiss! This is the sweet little boy that you and Mommy kept for a couple days while his parents were at work.

Smiling at your sweet Daddy.

The best one yet of your beautiful smile…thanks Petey!

I love this picture because I’ve never seen this expression before. You look so grown up! I can’t tell who you look like.

Since I posted pics of two of your great-grandparents, I realized that I have never posted pics of you and your other great grandparents. This is you and Pop who is married to Mom. You are only a few weeks old here.

You and PaPaw who is married to Grandma. You are 2 days old here.

You and Granny Rosie, TBone’s mom. Her husband, Pop Pop, is now with Jesus. He passed away April 18, 2007. You are named after his mother, Lillian. Mommy and Daddy were just discussing yesterday how you would have laughed and smiled so much with Pop Pop.

5 thoughts on “Lily’s Third Month

  • It's always so much fun reading your blog! Lily is so precious; I especially love the picture of her and Brent smiling at each other.

    You and Brent must be so proud of her!

  • Brittany, as you & Brent have learned, there is nothing as fulfilling as being a Mother & Daddy. You have a huge responsibility, but Lily is so blessed to be born to a Mother & Daddy who love the Lord and will raise her in a Christian home. I know Pop Pop is so happy watching his first great grand baby. He probably sees a lot more than the rest of us Sure would like to talk to him about her. She is an amazing blessing to so many! Thank you for sharing so much of her with the rest of us. Love ya!

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