Lily’s Seventh Month

My favorite picture of you ever! Sitting in the HUGE chair at Nervous Nellie’s. I thought a picture of you in a larger-than-life chair would be fitting for your 7th month picture.

SEVEN MONTHS! Woah girl, s-l-o-w d-o-w-n!

Firsts: lake trip to Lay Lake; swing in a hammock; 4th of July; playing cards; outdoor concert; meeting Aunt Rena and John; short trip to Auburn; stay at a hotel; 1800 mile road trip for the Wright family beach trip to Fort Myers, FL; feet in the sand and ocean; beach sunset; sitting in a high chair at a restaurant; apple juice out of a sippy cup; nap by the pool; day trip to Sanibel/Captiva Islands

News Headlines: oil spill stopped

Favorite Toy: your Elmo opposites book and anything you can put in your mouth

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: the way you wrinkle your nose when smile; watching you watch your Praise Baby DVD’s; your fake laughs and your gurgles

: scooting and doing the army crawl…you can’t crawl yet but you sure can squirm anywhere to get what you are after; can sit up as long as you don’t reach for a toy (you are always reaching for something, so you don’t sit up very long); size 2 diaper but I see a size 3 in your very near future; 6-9 month clothes; learning to hold and drink from a sippy cup

: You don’t have to go back to the doctor until 9 months! I suppose you are around 17 pounds and 26 inches long.

Like Mommy
: You sleep better with the fan on.

UNLike Daddy
: You LOVE bananas!

Best Memory
: Your 2 1/2 hour nap with Mommy at the beach in a “big girl” bed. Dancing with you after a bath…you LOVE anything that involves music and it always grabs your attention and calms you down.

Biggest Challenge: Baths at the beach. Mommy didn’t bring your tub, so baths were either in the sink or in your Bumbo seat in the tub and without a doubt you hated bath time every night! I’ve never heard you scream so loud!

How We Spend the Day: You are up at 6:30, but you play in your crib while Mommy gets a few more ZZZ’s. You are up and eating a bottle, cereal, and fruit by 7:15. You play in your exersaucer or roll/scoot all over the floor until 8:30 and you take a 30-45 min. nap. You play some more, then eat lunch around 11:00…usually a bottle and either a fruit or veggie. Around 12:30 you take a 2-3 hour nap. You take a bottle around 3:00 and play all afternoon until Daddy gets home from work. You eat one more bottle and a fruit or veggie around the time that we eat dinner. Daddy plays with you while Mommy cleans the kitchen. You are usually sleepy around 7:30, so we get you into your PJ’s, read you a story, and Daddy rocks you to sleep.

Funniest Moment
: You have a new “talent” that we call your fake laugh. We call it that because, well, that’s just what it sounds like. You don’t smile, you just open your mouth and let out a fake laugh. One of the nights we were at the beach, you were fussy so I rocked you to sleep and laid you in your bed. The family sat down to eat a late dinner and you woke up, talking and gurgling. It was obvious you weren’t all that tired and you weren’t going back to sleep anytime soon, so I brought you into the kitchen to eat with the family. You sat in your high chair and fake laughed through the whole meal and you cracked us up!

New Explorations
: You grab everything, but your newest obsession is grabbing and scratching at fabric. If a t-shirt, couch, etc. has a print on it, you try your best to make it come off so you can play with it. You like to scratch things with texture like your car seat or pack n play. I think you like the sound it makes. You also love to kick your legs in rhythm in the car seat. On our way to the beach the only time you were not kicking your feet was when you were asleep…literally.

Food: You have liked everything I have put in your mouth. You are such a good eater. It usually takes you a little longer to warm up to a veggie that is not sweet (green beans or carrots), but you will eat them once you know what’s going into your mouth. You are no longer sticking your thumb in your mouth after every bite! But feeding you is still pretty messy because you take a nose dive into every bite. You have had sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, apples, green beans, and carrots.

How We Celebrated Your 7th Month: Daddy had to go to Memphis, TN for work, so it’s just you and Mommy! You helped Mommy in her classroom at school.

Here are some pics from your seventh month:

First time to try something other than a formula or cereal…sweet potatoes!

Asleep on the porch at the lake

With your strange Uncle Ben and TBone who rarely act normal in a picture.

Being lazy at the lake 🙂

Playing cards, which at your age means putting them in your mouth.

Love the expression on your face!

Swinging in the hammock with Mommy at the lake!

Again, Uncle Ben and your Daddy who can’t seem to look normal in a picture. Look closely, Daddy is crossing his eyes.

Playing your piano!

With Hayden at Richard’s BBQ. You really enjoyed his company!

You and Gracie

You and “Gunkle Us”

THE book…I make sure it goes everywhere with us because when all else fails, this book always satisfies you!

Granny Rosie playing on the floor with you at her house one afternoon!

At Uncle Ben’s concert at Starbuck’s

You and Aunt Rena…she is Mom’s (grandmother mom) sister.

Girl, you better get some clothes on!

Waking up from a nap in the car. We stopped in Auburn to eat at Nihon Express for dinner on our way down to the beach.

Your first hotel stay…Sleep Inn in Valdosta, GA on our way to the beach!

You were SO excited about the king size bed!
Wrestling with Daddy!

I’ve never seen you have so much fun! You rolled and rolled and rolled all over the bed. We need to get a bigger mattress at home!

Helping Daddy drive to the beach! Actually, we are stopped in Tampa for lunch.

First time to see the ocean and put your feet in the water…

…and you did NOT like it at all!
Let Mommy make it all better 😦 The house in the middle, right behind Mommy’s hair is the house we stayed in.

First time to drink juice out of a sippy cup…still working on that skill! You hold the cup really well, but haven’t realized that you have to either tilt your head back or tilt the cup up to get the juice to come out.

Poolside nap…you did this almost every morning.

In your float!

Swimming with Daddy!

On the beach in your Bumbo! I think the Bumbo seat was the best thing ever invented for babies!

Anytime Uncle Ben and TH had you, this is where we found you…on the sofa bed watching them play old games on the Super Nintendo.

Playing with TH

Another poolside nap

You and Aunt Leslie (Mommy’s cousin)
Family pic 🙂

Stealing kisses 🙂

Funny faces 🙂

On Sanibel Island, walking to the lighthouse

You, Nana No Name, Aunt Leslie, Granny Rosie

Probably wondering why in the world I have you out in this heat!

Picture with Mommy!

Cool shades 🙂

At The Bubble Room…first time to sit in a high chair at a restaurant!

After dinner with Nana No Name

Prettiest girl on the beach!

Listening to Granny Rosie sing you to sleep!

At the pier, listening to a band outside of Nervous Nellie’s.

Funny family faces…

Nap at the beach in Mommy’s bed. You look so grown up!

Playing cards again…

3 thoughts on “Lily’s Seventh Month

  • I love, love, love all the pictures, but my favorite has to be the one of Lily in that huge, oversized chair! Give her kisses for me – miss y'all!

  • Lily's face in the picture above the caption about playing cards at the end of the post is HILARIOUS! She looks like she is in shock and awe of the cards in her Daddy's hand. Happy Birthday Lily!!!

  • I just love reading your blogs about Lily and all of the pictures. I've read this one several times and enjoy it every time. I look forward to them each month. I love you!

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