Lily’s Eighth Month

Lily Boo, I know I say this every month and I’ll say it again, I can’t believe you are 8 months old. 8 months is such a milestone because even before you were born I always thought of your 8th month as being the month that you start daycare….and it seemed so far away and I thought it would take so long to get to where we are now. And now it’s here. We love watching you grow and learn new skills. One of the neatest things to watch is how delicate you can be with an object you are intrigued with…like Mommy’s earrings or letters on a tshirt. We love you with ALL our hearts and are so excited to keep watching you grow πŸ™‚ You are the biggest joy and blessing in our lives.

Firsts: helping Mommy in her classroom; day at the daycare; LLBC softball game; bath in the bathtub; movie with the girls (you stayed up late and watched “The Last Song” with Mommy, Grandma Reese, and Aunt Katie); trip to a toy store (Toys R Us); MAD at Mommy and Daddy for taking something away from you; craft in the nursery at church

News Headlines: Arizona immigration law ruled unconstitutional; mosque being built next to Ground Zero in New York
Favorite Toy: You love remotes and phones but Mommy prefers that you not chew on those, especially since you slobbered all over her phone and for a week, everyone sounded like they were underwater. Grandma Reese took you Toys R Us and let you pick out a toy and guess what you found and would NOT let go of??? A cell phone πŸ™‚ You also love to sit on the floor and dump ALL the toys out of your basket and take turns chewing on all of them.
Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite: If you are playing on the floor and we leave the room, you scoot on your belly and try to come find us.
Milestones: Sitting up on your own. You aren’t crawling yet but you can get around very quickly by scooting on your belly. You grab the floor with your left arm and push with your right foot. You are in a size 3 diaper and 9 month clothes. You are now in the “Crawlers” class in the nursery at church.
Weight/Length: I have no idea. I am so bad at guessing things like this. We go to the doctor in September for your 9 month check up.
Like Mommy: Your long tongue…it’s been sticking out since the day you were born. You entered the world with your tongue hanging out of your mouth; but this month you have pretty much kept your tongue out of your mouth all day and all night. It’s like your tongue is too long for your mouth. It’s pretty cute πŸ™‚
Like Daddy: You love sweet peas and one night Mommy fixed them for dinner. She put some in the food processor for you and added a little formula to make it creamy. However, you would NOT eat it because of the texture. It was too chunky. You would shake your head every time we offered you the spoon. You and your daddy share the same food texture issues.
Best Memory: On Sunday afternoons we come home from church and all three of us lay on the bed and play until you get sleepy. Daddy rocks you to sleep and lays you in your crib and we ALL get our Sunday afternoon nap πŸ™‚ We also occasionally have dance parties after bathtime.
Biggest Challenge: You are going to hate me for documenting this, but you were constipated off and on for 3 weeks this month. I called the doctor twice. The first time I was told to do Karo syrup in your next bottle and apple juice 2-3 times a day. You don’t really care for apple juice, so I just gave you a lot of apples. That didn’t fix the problem so I called back. This time I was told that apples are suggested for babies who have diarrhea. So I was told to do prunes and pear juice. That didn’t work so finally your doctor called me personally and said to do Karo syrup in every bottle. Let’s just say it worked…the next day you went through 4 outfits at daycare! Another challenge is having to send you to a daycare. Not for normal reasons…I never cried and you have a ton of fun. I have always said “I will never send my child to daycare” and here I am having to do it. Next year we are considering putting you in the MMO program at my school and getting a babysitter for before and after. There is nothing wrong with the daycare you are attending. You love it and your teachers are great! I guess I’m just a snob and don’t want you in a daycare if you don’t have to be. And…MMO will cost MUCH less and you’ll be downstairs from where I am during the day.
How We Spend the Day: You wake up around 6:30, change clothes and eat breakfast. Mommy drops you off at the daycare around 7:15 and you sleep, play, eat until 4:00 when I pick you up. 4:00 is the best part of my day πŸ™‚ On Fridays, your Daddy gets off at 11:30 so he picks you up early every Friday. When we get home, we usually play on the floor or on the bed, watch “Praise Baby”, help Mommy cook dinner, and you usually take a catnap around 5:30 because you have had such a busy day. You eat dinner around 6:30 or 7, get a bath, and are in bed around 8.
Funniest Moment: You like to sit in Daddy’s lap and lean back off the chair so that you are upside down. One night you were doing this and every time you were upside the down, Sanibel gave you a kiss on the face and you would come back up laughing so hard!
New Explorations: You like to pull all the DVD’s off the entertainment center. You start to pull on them, I say “No Lily” with a stern tone and look on my face and you look at me and smile like it’s a game…but you do stop and that’s what matters! You like to beat on everything–the floor, the table, the person holding you, the dog, etc. You also clasp your hands together and swing them up and down, up and down. You finally love your Johnny Jump Up (or Julie Jump Up as your Daddy calls it). You spend 30 minutes at a time just bouncing up and down in that thing πŸ™‚
Food: So far you have liked everything I have put in your mouth, minus the peas I pureed myself. Fruits you’ve eaten: bananas, apples, peaches, pears, prunes. Vegetables you’ve eaten: green beans, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, squash. You’ve also tried peach yogurt and LOVE it πŸ™‚ You still don’t care to drink out of a sippy cup, despite my efforts, so I add pear juice to some of your bottles. You licked a lemon and HATED it. You are a fast learner…Daddy tried to get you to lick it again and you quickly refused.
How We Celebrated: We went to Birmingham for the weekend. You spent the day at Nona and TBone’s house, visited Grandma Reese, Uncle Ryan, and Aunt Katie, then ate dinner at Granny Rosie’s for the Wright tradition of Saturday night burgers.
Here are some pictures from your 8th month:

First day at daycare, 8/9/10

Playing with the DVDs

Watching TV with Mommy and Sanibel…probably HGTV

You LOVE books!

Look at you sitting up watching Praise Baby!

Squeaky clean!

I see someone’s hiney cheeks!

Reading nursery rhymes

You have the whole crib and this is how we find you sleeping…

Trying to play with every toy at the same time!

Learning about penguins

Your first nursery craft…made Mommy tear up πŸ™‚

Eating peach yogurt for the first time

Bath time in the sink at Nona’s house

Jumping at Grandma Reese’s house

Picking out your first toy…a cell phone. You’ll probably be asking us to get you text messaging next month.

You and Papaw

You and Grandma

You and Uncle Ryan in the shirt he bought you from Gulf Shores before you were born. It says, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my uncle.” He was so excited when he bought it for you and now you can finally wear it!

Chewing on your new cell phone on the way home from the toy store

You and Daddy at his first softball game

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