Feelin’ Like Zach Morris

Is there anything better than Saved by the Bell? Man oh man the afternoons that were spent after school eating some unhealthy snack (because calories had no effect then) and watching the show, wishing I was Kelly Kapowski because Zach was just so darn cute! 

He had the raddest, baddest cell phone…then. He’d be crazy to still have that phone with all the new technology that surrounds us today.

My phone is a Samsung t409.

Just call me Zach Morris…not so rad and bad compared to the iPhone, Droid, Smart Phone, etc.

Brent has asked me many times if I want a new phone for Christmas. My answer has been no every time. Of all the things I want for Christmas, a new phone is at the bottom of the list. Why? I’m afraid to get a phone with all the bells and whistles. I don’t want instant access to anything and everything. I’m still a little fond of the old fashioned way of doing things…ya know, having to actually turn on my computer before logging into Facebook, haha!

Brent has an iPhone. If it weren’t for the fact that his employer pays for the plan and phone, he would be stuck with a Zach Morris phone too. He is a technology guru. Unfortunately, he married a ridiculously frugal and overly practical woman that would be very hesitant to let him spend that amount of money on a phone and data plan. I don’t see it as a necessity, it’s a luxury and we don’t have money for luxury around here. Brent says, “You can’t have anything nice when you have an overly frugal wife.” HAHA! Hey…I eventually gave in and let him buy an HDTV! It was majorly discounted because it was a display and has a ding in it. The deal was too good to pass up.

Back to the phone…I’m on that phone a lot. I love that there is an app for everything under the sun and I can touch one button and I’m on Facebook and Twitter. But that phone irritates me. There’s no way I can count all the worthless hours I have spent on that phone doing nothing but filling up time with purposeless activity. What have I gained from all the time spent on that phone? Even more, what has God gained from all of my time spent on that phone? Nothing.

This can apply to the computer, TV, video games, etc. Those things become worthless idols (well, all idols are worthless) in my life. That is why I don’t want the bells and whistles. I have a hard enough time getting off Facebook on my computer. I don’t need another way to access Facebook. I’m not looking down on anyone who owns fancy techno objects. My own husband does and is constantly reading Gizmodo to see what other gadgets interest him! I’m just honestly speaking from the heart on something that the Holy Spirit has convicted me with. I’m also not saying that I will NEVER have fancy techno objects. So, when I do have a phone that is internet accessible, don’t call me a hypocrite. Instead, hold me accountable to show self discipline to not spend worthless time on my phone.

“Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” Psalm 119: 36-37

In my own words, “Lord, make me content to be Zach Morris in a Steve Jobs world.”

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Like Zach Morris

  • Great post Brittany! Def makes a self-proclaimed “Tech-guru” consider his time at home.

    Should I keep up with everyone's 140 character updates or check the latest lives of my Facebook buddies?? No, I think I should wrestle with my 2-year-old or cuddle with my 1-month-old. Even sit with my bride and watch our sweet children play. Thanks for a reminder of where things should belong.

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