Yes, Lord

Christmas break officially ends for me in less than 12 hours. I will return to work tomorrow and my students (whom I have missed dearly) will return on Wednesday. I really should be doing 2 other things–working on Lily’s birthday blog and going to bed. But, that’s just not what I had in mind for tonight. Instead I’m drinking coffee, reading a thousand articles from this amazing website, while Brent is watching the first season of Lost from his new Apple TV.

I feel like God is doing a WORK on my heart right now. There are so many things running through my mind and knocking on my heart and I’ve spent the last 2 hours reading Scripture, talking to Brent, and reading articles from this amazing website. Did I mention the website was amazing? Of course, it does not compare nor take the place of the inspired word of God, but what you read will lead you to the Word and give you a fresh look at the simple truths God intends for us to intimately know. I need more time with Him in prayer and in the Word before I can share what’s on my heart. But I do have one question(s) for you that has been bugging me tonight….

Has God ever given you a vision, thought, idea, etc. and you were hesitant to obey because there was no plan in place—let me rephrase that–there was no visible plan in place? God has a plan and a purpose, we just can’t always see it. What happened to complete surrender to Christ when He calls us to obey Him in a certain matter? Why do we doubt the Almighty and feel we can’t say “yes” until we know the details and/or the outcome?

As if God owes us any details…

Maybe His plan is for the details to be hidden until we surrender and say “Yes, Lord” to show that we put our trust in Him, not the plan.

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