when laughter is a disadvantage

There is a side of Brent that many of you have never seen and will probably never see. He has a sense of humor that keeps me laughing for days on end. I can’t think of anything better to do than laugh, so we get along really well. He frequently asks me if he thinks he would have more friends or less friends if he acted this way around other people. HAHA…my answer is always more friends. Unless his friends have no sense of humor, which would be very sad. Anyway…sometimes this sense of humor gets him into trouble. His giggle box gets flipped upside down and if there is anything I’ve learned about Brent it’s this: he can’t whisper and he can’t laugh quietly.

So when, you ask, does this sense of humor get him into trouble? Certainly laughter is always a good thing, right?

Not when it involves a sleeping baby.

Last night, Brent and I were headed down the hallway to go to bed. Brent got tickled about something, ROFLing kind of tickled. Neither of us remember what was so funny and I don’t think there even was an event that triggered such laughter. That’s the case many times.

Before we go to bed each night, we always go into Lily’s room to kiss her goodnight. I told Brent to wait until I was out of the room before he went in…knowing that if both of us were in there at the same time it would be a comedic disaster. He chose to risk it and followed in right behind me. So we tiptoe (which, by the way, he also can’t do that quietly) over to her bed to kiss her goodnight and guess who starts laughing again? For no apparent reason. You can rest assured that if there is someone near me belly laughing without an obvious reason, I’m going to laugh too just because it’s more fun that way.

I’m laughing, silently.
Brent is laughing, not so silently.
Lily wakes up. You probably could have guessed that was coming.

We immediately throw our bodies to the ground right up against her crib, as if we are being fired at by the enemy, hoping she won’t see us and go back to sleep. Both of us are face down on the ground, still laughing now with tears in our eyes and we still don’t know why, and Lily is standing up in her crib staring at us, crying, with this awfully confused look on her face. “Why are Mommy and Daddy face down in my room laughing?”

Sorry Lily, just trying to kiss you goodnight and your Daddy has no self control when it comes to laughing and it rubs off on your Mommy and it would have just made more noise to run out of the room than it did to slam our bodies to the ground and lay there until you fell back asleep.

But since you didn’t fall back asleep, your Daddy, who started these laughing shenanigans, had the sweet privilege of putting a confused and MAD Lily back to sleep 🙂

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