Lily’s First Birthday

A year ago (well, a little over a year now since I’m SO late in posting this!) our sweet Lily was born! Our precious little 6lb, 11oz, 19in long baby was given to us at 8:36am. Here are pics from her first birthday! Her Minnie Mouse party was at Granny Rosie’s house at 5pm. We had all kinds of soup followed by delicious cake (made by the same lady that made our fabulous wedding cake!). TBone played “Happy Birthday” on the piano and we all sang to you! The people attending were: Mommy, Daddy, TBone, Nana No Name, Uncle Ben, Granddaddy, Grandma Reese, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ryan, Greg, Mom and Pop, Granny Rosie, Leslie, Quinton, Becky, Sandra and Daryl, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Rita, Uncle Greg, Josh,  Guncle Us, Allison and Brian, Jessica, and Joe and Jennifer.  If I forgot anyone, PLEASE forgive me! 

Birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 

The DELICIOUS cakes! 

The banner says “Happy Birthday Lily!” on Minnie Mouse cut-outs. My super crafty friend, Ashley, and I made this the day before the party with a Cricut. LOVE that machine! 

The balloons

The napkins

The cake plates (yes, I took pictures of ALL the details)

And the Birthday Girl in her Minnie mouse shirt and bloomers! I never got a good pic of the shirt, but it had Minnie Mouse on the front with a pink bow and it was monogrammed with “Lily”. 

The only picture I have of the “Redneck Rat Tail” cutting. Who did it? Uncle Ben, of course. The rat tail is GONE! Haha 🙂 

Another pic of the cakes

The birthday girl checking out her decorations!

On either side of the cake I put her chair pictures from each month. 

Aunt Katie showing you your new baby doll

Opening presents

Your new customized bowl and plate from here. Jessica always gives the neatest gifts! 

Opening your bowling set from Joe and Jennifer…who are expecting their first little one this summer! 

Reading your VERY loud Minnie Mouse card that sings to you. You still play with it at home! 

Happy girl and loving the attention you are getting

The only family pic from the night 😦

And…the cake…first touch

First taste…you didn’t know what to think

Then you decided to dig right in

And you got really excited!

You worked the room…turning from one side to another smiling and giggling. 

You really wanted to pick it up and put your face in it. I think it was too heavy. 
 So Mommy picked up the cake with a spatula, but you never did dive in! 
 My two favorite pics from the night. I love your expressions! 

Time to get clean! 

You were MAD at Mommy!

But it all turned out just fine because you got to ride in your new wagon!

Your smash cake after you were done with it

Playing on the piano with TBone

We enjoyed the night SO much! You’ll never have a first birthday again 😦 But we look forward to many, many more birthday celebrations with you!

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